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Fun Fact Friday {Christmas Edition}

Finally feeling better over here and I have some of my Christmas cheer back… A few hours of work today and then I am off till Wednesday. Seems like the perfect morning for Fun Fact Friday – Christmas Edition!


Fun Fact Friday Christmas edition


  • When I was little and we lived in Maryland, we would drive to Goshen, New York for Christmas at my uncle’s house. This house was the coolest. It looked like a one-story house, but it had a lower level on the backside that was all wood and even had an indoor pool. There would be two Christmas trees – a HUGE one upstairs in the main part of the house, and then another downstairs.


  • One of the Christmas presents I remember most as a child was my record player when I was about 8. Since I have been a music lover since I can remember, and even earlier as my Aunt Darlene tells me from when she would babysit me and listen to her music, having a record player was the coolest. I even remember one of the first records I got with it was Puff The Magic Dragon. Go ahead and laugh, but you know you listened to it too.


  • Christmas tradition in our family meant opening one gift on Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas morning.


  • My dad was the Clark Griswold of Christmas in our family. The more lights and decorations, the better. The bigger it was, the better it was. One year, he had a display made to sit on the pool table to put the trains and gifts on.


  • Hubby was originally going to propose to me on Christmas Day in front of all our family, with the gift of a jewelry box and me opening it to see an engagement ring in it. He was also going to tell my parent’s ahead of time, but decided against it because he knew my dad would never be able to keep it a secret until Christmas. He ended up proposing to me Dec. 7, 2000 just before his company Christmas party, just the two of us and then I got to show off my ring to everyone there. Best. Night. Ever.


  • When I was little, I would be SO depressed the day after Christmas, knowing it was a whole year until the next Christmas. Time seemed to pass so slowly as a child and now it passes so quickly.


  • I have always been the Christmas decorator in my family. My mom and dad trusted me to do it, and do it right. When I moved out and Mike and I started our own Christmas traditions, I still continued to do my parent’s decorations, and I still do.


  • When I was little, every year I would get a cardboard Christmas village to put together. Do you remember those? It would come in a book, like paper dolls, and you would punch out the different houses and buildings and then assemble them. So much fun… I haven’t seen one of those in years.


  • While our Christmas present traditions have changed over the years, simply due to the size of the family, I still love going to the mall during before Christmas just to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday.


  • I could watch Christmas movies all year long. I love the classics, the new ones, the cheesy Hallmark ones, and everything in between.


What are a few of your Christmas traditions? Tell me a few fun facts about you today!


  1. Sounds perfect, I love that you do your parents decs! Happy Holidays. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

    1. Happy holidays to you as well!! Thanks so much for following.

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