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Fun Fact Friday


fun fact friday


Friday! Friday! Friday! I am really excited about it being Friday this week. I know, I know…. I’m excited every week for Friday, but REALLY excited for this Friday. Let’s get to it.


  • Tomorrow night hubby and I will see Daughtry for the fifth time. Hi, my name is Nanci, and I love Daughtry. He will be at Ruth Eckerd Hall with 3 Doors Down, who we have never seen. We saw Daughtry just last April for what was probably his best show yet. Here are couple photos from that night. You’re welcome.


daughtry meet n greet 042012


daughtry 042013 1


  • Sunday I am running the Gasparilla 8K, which will be my third race this month and will make four towards my #10in2013 challenge. I am not so excited about the warm weather and the chance of rain, but I am looking forward to a fun event and the run along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa. Maybe I’ll be last year’s time? Maybe.


  • Last night, I went to a book launch party with my fabulous sister-in-law / book blogger Jenna at Inkwood Books in Hyde Park. Kristen Simmons is a local author and has written the second book in her YA Lit trilogy Article 5. Kristen was adorable and her excitement and gratitude over her books was very endearing. I have not read the first book yet, so I bought it as well as the second one and of course I had them signed. Of course.


  • My niece will be starting Kindergarten this fall. Holy. Cow. Jenna and I were discussing this last night. How can that be possible? Autumn is going to be even more adorable as a Kindergartner.


  • I came across a new blog yesterday that reminds me so much of me and I can’t wait to read more and follow her. You should check it out… Word to Run By


  • I want to cut my hair, it’s getting so long. But I also want to keep it long. I like being able to braid it for hot yoga and I have to be able to pull it back when I run. Decisions.


  • A month from now, my Aunt Darlene will be here for about a week! I can’t wait to see her!!


  • I am way behind on the 28 Day Blog Challenge that I am taking part in (#28DBC). So many great ideas to fine tune my blog and I will get to them…. It just may not happen within the 28 days of February. Katy Widrick is a rock star for putting this challenge on and sharing so many great tips, ideas, and advice.


  • I have been thinking again about getting a bike. The thought of riding a bike always sounds way more fun than it actually is. It’s just not comfortable. But it would be great exercise.


  • And because I’m totally in Daughtry-mode, I will leave you what is one of my favorite Daughtry videos. Enjoy!


Daughtry–Crawling Back To You


  1. Have you tried double braids when you run? I do that and it’s my favorite hair style, because it’s not on my neck and it stays still.

    My youngest starts Kindergarten next year too. I am sad that my baby is getting SO BIG. But happy that he’ll be at school with his brother. Right now they go to two different schools and I feel like a school bus all morning and afternoon.

  2. have fun at the concert!!!!!

  3. The concert sounds great! The 8k is the only race I am not running, so maybe I will be able to cheer you on. If you don’t see me just know I am there for support. Get a bike…its not uncomfortable once you find the right saddle and ride more. Just like your running, that wasn’t comfortable when you first started right? Plus, riding will help you with your turnover for your running.

  4. I’ve only heard a few of his songs before but he’s pretty good! I keep going back and forth about getting a bike too, I’d probably use it more for fun than fitness. Have a great weekend and fun at the concert!

  5. Liked the song at first I didn’t think I had heard it before but the more I listedn the more I realised I had heard it before…..hope you have a great time at the concert

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