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Fun Fact Friday


fun fact friday


Hallelujah! We’ve survived another week. Every week seems to go by so slow, this one no different. Mostly because I can’t wait to run the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon this Sunday. It’s all I can think about this week. I am equally excited about going to the expo tomorrow and picking up my packet and race bib. So fun! In the spirit of things, and if you can stand listening to me babble on about it some more, today’s Fun Fact Friday has a race theme!



  • I like to pull my hair back totally off my face when I run. If I have any hair in my face, it will drive me insane. I usually pull it back into a ponytail, use 4 pins, and then a headband on top of that. I can’t wear a hat or visor because they’ll give me a headache. I want a cute headband to replace my plain black one. I love this one…


running headband

(Source: Pinterest)


  • I like wearing my race shirt for that particular race. I know some people don’t and to each his own. I think it’s fun. I especially liked wearing the Best Damn Race shirt last weekend since it had my birthday on it.


  • I have to listen to music when I run. If I was left alone with just my thoughts, it wouldn’t be pretty. I need the distraction of the music and then my thoughts aren’t so bad. I’m pretty excited about the playlist I put together for Sunday’s half.


  • The morning of a race, I like to have an English muffin with peanut butter, and a banana. It’s filling but doesn’t make me feel blah. Ultimately, I would probably prefer to not eat anything, but I know it’s better if I do.


  • I like to get to a race way early. I want to find parking without time pressure and I don’t want to be stressed out before. Of course, I’m early every where I go, so this is no surprise if you know me.


  • I wish I could run TWO Rock N’ Roll Half Marathons in one year and earn a Rock Encore medal. Maybe one year…


  • If I could pick the perfect weather to run in, it would be mid 50’s and low humidity. Not too cold and not warm. The forecast for the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon this Sunday in St. Pete is a high of 77 and a low of 64 so it should only be up to the low 70’s by the time I finish, but I would love for it too be cooler.


  • If it is in the mid-60’s on Sunday morning, it will be a full 30 degrees warmer than the crazy cold feels-like temperature in the 30’s for last year’s Rock N’ Roll Half. Quite a difference! (Did I mention I like the colder weather?!)


  • I bought 2 of the cutest Nike running tank tops yesterday at Sports Authority and I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear one of them on Sunday. Probably this blue one that has a super cute back… This, of course, totally cancels out what I said earlier about the race shirts above. Although I could still change my mind before then.


blue nike top


  • There is a cute little shop in Safety Harbor called Lola’s Laces (named after one of the owner’s dogs – CUTE!!) that sells women’s running gear, such as Moving Comfort and Brooks. I stopped in there last week after picking up our race packets for the Best Damn Race. (Here’s my Yelp review.)  I browsed for a few minutes and entered my name in a drawing. I got a call earlier this week that I won a free pair of socks! I’m going to stop by today and pick them up. I’m also going to see if they have any cute headbands.


  • And a bonus this morning, even though I’ve run this course, I have watched the course tour a couple time this week. I’m quite certain it’s the music that makes it fabulous, but if you like to watch it, you can see the route I’ll be running! I love the views along the water… Click on the picture for the link to the video.



(Source: Rock N’ Roll Marathon Series)


Tell me one fun fact about you today! Have you ever run more than one Rock N’ Roll event in one year?


  1. I love these facts about running and you :)

    Your tattoo is so pretty. I never knew you had one! Good luck on your upcoming race. Hoping for wonderful running weather for you all!

    1. Thank you Grace! I actually have 3 tattoos. :)

  2. Great facts about you and running love learning more about you. I would love to get another tattoo if only I could afford it.

  3. Debbie B.

    Tomorrow will be my first half marathon with bangs and I still cannot decide what I am going to do with them. Maybe I will find a cute new headband at the expo today.

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