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Friend Makin’ Mondays: Christmas Questions




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Christmas Questions

1. How will you celebrate the holidays this year?  At my brother and sister-in-law, Nick and Jenna’s house with their daughter Autumn. We always enjoy time at their house. My mom and sister will also be there.


2. What’s the weather currently like where you live?  Not at all Christmas-like. It’s been 80-ish and humid. I hope it changes. It was so nice for Thanksgiving and then it warmed up.


3. Do you decorate your home for the holidays? If so, share a picture please!  Oh yes. The tree goes up the weekend of Thanksgiving and I have many ornaments and decorations that I love.


IMG_3598 edit










4. What is your favorite Christmas movie?  Elf and The Christmas Story are super high on the list, but I also love classics like White Christmas and Holiday Inn. Love Actually is also wonderful.


5. What is your favorite Christmas songs?  This is a hard question! It might be better to say which ones I don’t like… My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night, it’s so beautiful. I am currently in love with my Michael Buble Christmas CD and I love all Christmas songs by Harry Connick Jr.. Really, I could listen to the swingin’ Christmas station on Pandora all day long  – Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, and more….


6. Do you have an advent calendar?  I do not! But I think it’s a fun idea.


7. Do you prefer color lights or white lights?  For our tree, I love white. For big Christmas displays, I love white, blue, and all colors. I am a sucker for Christmas lights.


8. What is your favorite food to eat over the holidays?  All things sweet.


9. Do you display a live tree, or do you prefer fake trees?  We have a fake tree, pre-lit. It’s the way to go. Super easy and the lights are better than I could ever do if I put them on. Although, I will always have fond memories of the year we bought a live tree and hubby put the whole bottle of Christmas tree preservative in the water. That was THE greenest tree ever and it probably would have survived the whole year had we not gotten rid of it.


10. What would you need to make your holiday perfect this yearHubby and my boys are all I need for Christmas, but I also do treasure the extra family time we have. I wish more than anything my dad could be with us for his favorite time of year, but I know he is with us.


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  1. Your decorations are beautiful! Your holiday plans sound perfect being surrounded by loved ones and family :)

  2. Fake tree lovers UNITE!!!

  3. Your tree looks gorgeous! Mine went up on Thanksgiving day, ha! I just love this time of year!!

  4. Awesome tree. Here’s to family Christmas and all it entails! Sure your Dad will enjoy too.

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