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If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

Blog Stuff


1. Have you ever met anyone through your blog that led to an in-person friendship/relationship?  I have met a wonderful group of women here in the Tampa Bay area when I joined a local blogging group, the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers. If I did not have a blog, I never would have met them.


2. Most bloggers have a specific niche. What would you discuss if it didn’t seem inappropriate on your blog?  There are things I want to discuss that are of a family matter, but I feel it’s not the right place, so I don’t.


3. If you could meet three bloggers, who would they be?  Oh goodness…. There are so many. I’ve already met so many wonderful bloggers in our blogging group. Each one of them is an inspiration. Obviously I would want to meet Kenlie at All The Weigh. Her blog is great, she’s an inspiration, and she shares fun posts such as these FMM posts. I would also like to meet Colleen at The Fit Bee. She is my ultimate running hero and has been through so much and is an amazing inspiration for weight loss and fitness. The third blogger I’d like to meet would be Hemarie at I Sweat Pretty. Her posts are funny and witty and I think we’d get along great!


4. If you had to choose between Facebook or Twitter which one would you choose?  Probably Twitter, as far as blogging goes. I do love Facebook and it’s only the past year that I’ve really started using Twitter. I think Twitter is more blog-friendly as far as communicating with people.


5. Do you vlog (video blog?) I have not. I love it when people do this because it makes it personal and shows a different side to them. I think it’s a great idea and maybe one day I’ll get up the nerve to do it.


6. How many blogs do you read on an average day?  It depends on how much time I have. I usually read a couple in the morning and some while I’m eating lunch. If I had to give a number, I’d say 20? I don’t always comment though, which I need to be better about because I want people to know I’m reading their blog.


7. What is the coolest thing that you’ve seen online recently?  One of the blogs I follow written by a friend I made by way of infertility message boards is pregnant after soooo many years trying. Just last week they found out they were having a girl. So cool and very exciting. I look forward to her posts to hear how she’s doing and to get an update.


8. If you gave your blog a new name what would it be?  I love the name of my blog. It’s perfect for me and for what I talk about, which is all over the place sometimes. When I was thinking of names, I knew I did not want one that would limit me to a specific topic. So, I can’t even think of another name. Mine is perfect.


9. Have you ever attended a blog conference like Fitbloggin? If not, would you?  This question really could not be asked at a better time. Just this past Saturday, I attended my first blog conference, Central Florida Blogger Conference. It. Was. Fabulous. I have so much information I’m still processing and it was so wonderful to meet people and share the blogging world with so many others.


10. In the past I have asked why you blog. Now I want to know why you read blogs? What do you take from it?  I originally started following blogs in the midst of our major infertility woes. I was active on an infertility message board and found that several members had blogs documenting their journeys. While I was not in a position to be so open about our struggles and all that we were going through (procedures, tests, surgeries, financial issues, etc…), I was touched by these women who were sharing every bit of their journey.


Now it’s your turn to fill out this week’s questions! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! Happy Monday!


  1. This is a great hop. I’ll have to join one day. Sometimes, when I can’t think of anything to write I love doing the answering question routine. It makes me think and I think, my readers learn something new about me!!! I try to be good about commenting but lately I’ve been so crazy busy that I’m glad I actually get to read blogs!!! :) Have a great week.

    1. Hi Susi! It’s alot of fun to do, a good way for people to get to know you.

  2. I would love to attend a blog conference but they are not held here in Australia well not that I know of…………I have never meet a blogger in person
    I read blogs because I love to read and learn things about other countries and other people and my blog friends feel like any other friend meaning I feel a real connection with them………… was only this year that I changed the name of my blog but if I changed it again it would be the same as my Tumblr blog which is “Jo-Anne’s Thoughts On Everything”……………

    1. That’s a great name too!

  3. I am so bummed I didn’t get to go to the conference this week. Next Year!! In the mean time, I’ll continue to read all the recaps. :)

    1. There are alot of great recaps to read!

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