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Friend Makin’ Mondays: A Little More Personal


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A Little More Personal

1. Are you a morning person?   Not. At. All.  I do not like mornings.

2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?   Definitely an introvert.

3. Are you addicted to anything? If so, what?   Wow, how much time do you have? Just joking. I would have to say Starbucks.

4. How many times have you been in love?  Young, teenage love – once. Grown-up forever love, once and still very much so. Smile

5. What is your position on politics?  I can’t stand politics and I really feel that all politicians are just that… Politicians. It’s not about picking the “best” one, it’s picking the one that’s not as bad as the others, the lesser of two evils. I never listen to politics on TV or the radio. It’s all nonsense.

6. Are you religious?  I believe in God but I do not go to church. I am fine with everyone having their own beliefs as long as it is not forced on me.

7. Would you prefer backpacking or a luxury hotel?  Luxury hotel, no doubt. I am not an outdoorsy girl when it comes to sleeping. I need a nice comfy bed, air conditioning, and a bathroom.

8. Do you have/want pets?  Yes, we have two crazy Australian Shepherds, Blue and Ozzie. Blue is 2 and Ozzie is 6. We live with them (not the other way around).

9. Are you a sports fan?  I like sports but I don’t watch them regularly. I used to watch football a lot. Another one I like to watch if I happen to catch a game on TV is hockey. But I don’t make a point of specifically watching sports.

10. How often do you brush your teeth?  2-3 times a day.

11. Do you have tattoos and/or piercings?  Ears are pierced (twice each) and I have 3 tattoos (ladybug on right ankle, Sammy’s dog paw on on my inside left ankle, and a memorial tattoo for my dad on the back of my left shoulder)

12. What’s your favorite clothing brand?  I am not a brand-crazy girl. I rarely buy clothes and when I do, it’s what’s on sale. I know….. BORING.

13. Should a man open doors for a woman?  Yes…

14. Which season is your favorite?  Without a doubt, fall is my favorite. I live for fall. Can’t wait to put out our fall decorations. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I love all things pumpkin. And I love that our niece’s name is Autumn. Yes, I LOVE fall!

15. Would you rather eat less or workout more?  Workout more. Any restriction I put on eating gets me nowhere except eating more.

16. What’s your idea of romance?  I think romance is being with someone who wants to be with you, who knows what you like, knows what you don’t like, and takes the time to let you know. With me, it’s all about the little things that hubby does for me. I love and adore that about him.

17. How often do you do things that are outside of your comfort zone?  Not too often, I’m a chicken. I need to change that.

18. Christmas or Halloween?  Christmas, definitely. I am not really a fan of Halloween. But the spirit of Christmas, the decorations, the music, the scents, and more…. I love it! It’s my second favorite holiday after Thanksgiving.

19. Would you rather live in the country or the city?  I would not want to live in a big city, I need my space. But I also don’t think I could live out in the country where it’s miles and miles to the store, etc…. I like the suburbs where everything is convenient and we can have a front yard and backyard.

20. Share your life philosophy.  Honestly, it’s to get through each day knowing that I tried and/or did the best I could that day and gave it my all. I carry a lot of weight on my shoulders and it’s not easy, but somehow I seem to manage it all.

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! Happy Monday, Friends!


  1. I love your answers, and I’m glad you took part this week!

    I am so ready for the fall. It’s such a beautiful time of year. hehe

    1. Nanci

      Thanks Kenlie, I love that you stopped by my blog! And I’m with you, I am also so ready for fall. :)

  2. Loved getting to know you a bit more about you, I also like living in the suburbs but that is normal here in Australia well it seems normal to me since I have only every lived in the suburbs…….lol

    1. Nanci

      Thanks Joanne!

    1. Nanci

      Hi Vicki, thanks so much for stopping by. I read your FMM too, you had some great answers. :)

  3. Stopping in from FMM….I loved your idea of romance

    1. Nanci

      Thank you!

  4. Lisa

    I love that you have your dog’s paw tattoo’d on you! Awesome! Blue & Ozzie are adorable!

    Stopping in from FMM – hi!

    Lisa, the Life of Lisa

    1. Nanci

      Hi Lisa, thank you. The paw tattoo is from our previous dog, Sammi, who we lost in 2010. She’s was always at my feet, so I thought it was fitting and she’ll always be with me. Blue and Ozzie have since taken over our house, lol. So glad you stopped by! :)

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