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Friday Five: My Five Favorite iPhone Apps

I love my iPhone. I could not live without it. And I have a bazillion apps on it, most of which I don’t need. But there are a handful that I use all them time. So, for today’s Friday Five topic I get to pick my five favorite _______ to share and I thought it would be fun to talk about iPhone apps. See, I don’t just talk about running….


friday five 5 fave iphone apps


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1. Instagram

Yes, I am the queen of pictures. I take pictures of everything. I’ve always been that way, too. Even before the days of phones with cameras in them, I was the one with my cool Kodak Disc camera (remember those???) taking photos of important / all family events and fun. So, Instagram is my favorite app on my phone. Can’t live without it.


photo 1




2. Word Swag

This app is perfect for putting text on your photos. I actually paid for this app, which I rarely do. It has many font options, colors, and layouts. It’s also very easy to use and also has backgrounds you can use if you don’t want to use a photo. All my fun quotes I share on IG? I do those with Word Swag.


photo 2





3. Words With Friends

I’ve never one played Candy Crush, nor will I, but I always have more than 20 Words With Friends games going. In my family, the love of Scrabble and word games is genetic. I love playing it and I am able to play with my family across the country.


photo 3






4. Weight Watchers Mobile

This app makes life easy. If you have eTools, you can use this app to track your points, plan ahead, look up cheat sheets,  look up restaurants, track your weight, and more. It even has a bar code scanner so you can check the points of most foods and beverages at the store. Gone are the days of carrying the little WW calculator in my bag and having to calculate the points. Just scan and done! It even saves it for you once you’ve scanned it.


photo 4



5. WeatherBug

I like to know what the weather is, what it’s going to be, when it’s going to rain, and if it’s ever going to cool off. WeatherBug also has a handy dandy feature called Spark and it will tell you how close lightning is to you. This is perfect for me when I need to run but don’t know if I should because I don’t know if it’s just raining or actually lightning. I prefer it over the app. Not to mention the cute little logo they use is like a ladybug, and I love ladybugs.


photo 5






What is your favorite app on your phone and why?


  1. i was so obsessed with words w/friends – i had to take a break and uninstall it because i was playing ALL the time!
    Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC recently posted…Friday Five: Five Things I Love About RunningMy Profile

  2. I used to play Words With Friends nonstop, but now I only have one game going and we play one word a day usually haha. I really like Spotify – I pay the $10 a month for premium service, but that means no commercials and I can set playlists to play offline (so I’m not wasting battery/data streaming while out running or commuting). Have a great weekend :)
    Heather Runs Thirteen Point One recently posted…friday five: my favorite songsMy Profile

  3. Fun topic since I just got an IPhone today at work to replace the old, horrible Blackberry! I just followed you on Instagram too!
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?! recently posted…Friday Five: My 5 Favorite Running PhotosMy Profile

  4. One of my favorite apps is Shazam. If you hear a song and you don’t know who the artist is, you Shazam it and it will tell you. Works perfectly 98% of the time !
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…Friday Five : Five favorite (easy) recipesMy Profile

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