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Friday Five: Goals


Happy Friday! I am super proud of myself for participating in the Friday Five for two weeks in a row now, especially with how busy I have been.

I love this weeks topic – GOALS. I love setting goals and working towards something. I wish I were better at setting the RIGHT goals, but I guess I’m a work in progress. These goal I am sharing are health and fitness related.

Let’s jump right in, shall we? And don’t forget to visit Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for the Friday Five link-up!


friday five goals




1. Train for my first marathon

This one is top of the list priority as training starts on Monday. I have 18 weeks blocked out in my planner, 4 runs a week with PiYo on off days. I want to stay on plan as much as possible which may be challenging depending on weather, work, etc… I have a great post I am working on where several great runner friends have shared their marathon advice with me and I plan to use their advice wisely.


2. Get back on track with Weight Watchers

I have not been doing my best with WW in the last couple of weeks and I can feel it. I know it’s possible to gain weight during marathon training, so I need to get back on track from the get-go and try to keep any weight gain to a minimum, but not short my body of the energy and nutrients that it needs. I missed my meeting last week, but I will be there bright and early tomorrow morning!



It is so darn hot outside, I feel like I can never drink enough water. If I’m at my desk or home, I do better with drinking water than when I’m on the road. So, I need to make sure I take water with me when I’m on the go. Drinking water has always played a huge part in my weight loss success and it’s such an easy tool.


4. Fruits and veggies with every meal

Another great tool that I need to utilize more often. Fruits and veggies are power foods and are great not only for vitamins and nutrients, but by eating the right fruits and veggies can help you feel full faster and longer. Power foods are going to be very important for my marathon training as well. I’m going to be eating for fuel and energy as much as I am for enjoyment.


5.  Enjoy the journey.

This one is big. I am likely going to sound like a broken record for the next 18 weeks – it will be all things marathon training in my world. But this is huge for me and anyone who know me, knows that when I do something, I give it 150%. With that said, it is going to be balance between training properly to build up the endurance I need to run 26.2 miles and avoid injury, but also enjoy the experience of this major event that I never imagined I would ever do. When you look at the world as a whole, there are really few people who can say they have run a marathon and I am excited to say that for myself. It is really an emotional thing for me.


Share one of your goals with me!



  1. These goals are great and very attainable which is a plus!

    I’ve got a goal to drink water too, its always something i strive to do all the time as I never drink enough.

    It’s even more important now that its so hot!
    Laura recently posted…Friday Five // Goals UpdateMy Profile

  2. Great goals! Good luck with the marathon training. Drinking lots of water always makes me feel better plus you will always know where all the ladies rooms are. LOL #FridayFive

  3. You are amazing
    Jo-Anne recently posted…What do you think of history?My Profile

  4. These goals are great. I’m always trying to get more water and vegetables. Enjoying the journey is the most important part because people know what it takes to meet their goals but they just lose their focus to stay committed.

  5. Love your goals. And yes – enjoying the marathon after all the training will be amazing.
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?! recently posted…Friday Five: Fitness Goals Check-In!My Profile

  6. Love #5 – since i share a similar sentiment right now! and yay for linking up 2 weeks in a row!
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…Friday Five: Marathon Training GoalsMy Profile

  7. woohoo to marathon training! it’s going to be such a great experience.
    Courtney @ Eat Pray Run, DC recently posted…Navy Air Force Half Training Recap, Week FiveMy Profile

  8. Great goals! You’re going to rock marathon training! Good luck with your first day today!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…Choc(olate) Full of Protein Pancakes {gluten free}My Profile

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