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Five reasons you should join a local blogging group…



When I started blogging in 2011, I had NO idea what I was doing. I was pretty familiar with a handful of blogs after reading them for awhile and that is really what prompted me to start a blog. I liked the outlet it created. And while I really had no clue what I would talk about on my blog, I knew that I had complete control over it. 

A little over a year after starting my blog, I realized there were many bloggers in this area. Maybe it’s a runner thing, as that was when I started running. But I heard about a group called the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers and decided to go to a meet-up one afternoon in downtown St. Pete. I was SO nervous. It’s so not like me to just go somewhere I don’t know anyone and just start talking. SO not me. But I knew we had blogging in common and I wanted to meet other bloggers. You can read about that meet-up here. My nervousness quickly went away and I was so glad I went for an afternoon of chit chat and getting to know each other. That day, I made new friends.

For the last couple of years, I have been active with the Tampa Bay Bloggers and I have learned so much from many of them. I am sure I would not have the opportunities that I have had I not joined them.  So, here are five reasons you should join a local blogging group… 


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1) Networking – When you belong to a group of like-minded individuals who have something in common, you have the ability to meet people with many different interests. While we are all bloggers, we all blog about different topics. While some of our topics may be similar, we all offer our own point of view and bring something different to the table. 


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2) Exposure – There is power in numbers and you have a chance to work with brands and companies that you may not be able to reach as an individual. Not every blogger wants that for their blog, and that’s okay. My blog has a very wide variety of posts and not all are sponsored or a review. But I enjoy getting to know and learn about local businesses by way of our group thanks to the very hard work of our fearless leader, Denise. 








3) Friendship – I have met many bloggers since that first meet-up I went to and I am lucky that several of them have become good friends. Our paths cross often in the blogging world and real life and I love that. Blogging has really helped me grow and not be as timid and shy as I used to be. Where I was terrified of that first meet-up, I now very much enjoy going to events even if I may not know people there. 





4) Support  –  When you belong to a blogging group, there is always someone to help you with something. Whether it’s information you may need on a topic, technical help with your blogging platform, or if you just need to know if someone knows someone or something, there is always someone to ask. I lean on my blogging friends quite a bit when I am looking for a local resource or looking for information on something. 





5) Community We have quite the fun group. Between different events locally, we also have #TampaBayTuesday on Twitter and also do a blog link-up called #FridaySharefest where a different blogger each week highlights posts. We’ve attended some pretty fun events too… Like the time we got to meet Harry Connick Jr. and the stars of Dolphin Tale 2 as part of the DT2TampaCrew… That was pretty fabulous.






Even if your blog is just for you, just for writing, it is still fun to get to know others.

You can learn more about the Tampa Bay Bloggers here:


Do you belong to a blogging group?


  1. I could not agree more with every point!! Love me some TBB!

  2. I LOVE this! You’ve NAIL’D it. We do have a phenomenal group and have shared some great experiences! I’m glad to call you my friend and look forward to continue the blogging journey with you. I love the TBB!! #powerinthenumbers

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