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Currently | October Edition

Time for another edition of Currently… Who wants to join in?


Current book:

The Shining by Stephen King. We recently watched a show on TV about The Stanley which is the hotel the book is based on. Apparently Stephen King stayed there in the early 70’s, it was all dilapidated, the staff was preparing to close it for the season, and he got lost in the halls. How creepy does a hotel have to be for Stephen King to write a book about it?? For those wondering, this will be probably the fifth time I’ve read the book AND it’s very high on my list of all-time favorite movies. The book is scarier than the movie but I love Jack Nicholson. Most amusing about all of this? I’m a big chicken!


the shining



Current music:

I am always all over the place with music. If anyone ever got ahold of my iPod they would be highly confused. For the last few weeks, I have been all about Joe Nichols new song “Sunny and 75”. I go around singing it. I love his voice and it’s just a fun song.


Sunny and 75




Current guilty pleasure:

Pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin spice creamer every morning, sometimes 2 cups. My love of pumpkin is in full swing this time of year. Yes, I admit I have a pumpkin problem.



Current drink:

The answer to this may always be water, but this month I’ll throw in my love of ice cold beer. Hubby and I went to Pete & Shorty’s for dinner last night after our weekend in Orlando and we had what may have been the coldest pitcher of beer ever. It was so darn good!



Current food:

A couple months ago, we tried teriyaki chicken meatballs for the first time when they were giving out samples at the store. They are so good, super easy to heat up for dinner, and are best with a side of yellow rice. It is sure to be on our dinner menu this week.



Current show:

I am SO happy that American Horror Story is back. This season, it’s The Coven. I love how they have some of the same actors from previous seasons, especially Jessica Lange, but mostly, I am all about Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett. So far, I’ve only watched the season premier but I cannot wait for this week’s episode. It’s going to be a great season.





Current wish list:

Race entries. I want to sign up for an endless number of races. Anyone want to chip in? lol



Current triumphs:

Without a doubt,  my weekend long runs. My longest to date is 8 miles. I do them Sunday mornings, at the beach, and I feel so incredibly strong when I finish. I can’t wait to do 9 miles this Sunday!



Current links:

Jenna Does Books – shameless plug here for my sister-in-law’s fabulous YA book review blog. She recently started a new series on her blog called Truth or Dare, and she read an excerpt from the book she is currently writing!

Metamorfit – Jenny is such a rock star. I’ve mentioned her on my blog before, but you must check her blog out again. She just took part in her first CrossFit competition – so amazing!

Skinnytaste – I love food and I love healthy versions of foods I love. This site is AWESOME and includes WW Points Plus Values. I am forever pinning recipes on Pinterest. And if you love pumpkin everything like I do, this site is for you!



Current needs:

I don’t currently “need” anything except maybe a break. There has been too much going on, too much stress, and work issues, and I just need something to go right. I need for this week to be better than last week.



Current indulgence:

Pumpkin munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. Oh. My. Goodness. They are so yummy. I certainly don’t need them, but they are wonderful. I’m just glad they are seasonal and will go away sooner than later.



Current outfit:

Over the weekend, when we were in Orlando, I was very excited to comfortably wear a pair of size 10 shorts that I have had for a few years. I’m ready for it to cool off, but it was nice to wear shorts, a tank top, and a pair of flip flops at Sea World yesterday.



Current excitement:

I love this time of year. We went to Downtown Disney on Saturday and bought our annual Christmas ornament and it put me in the mood for the holidays that will be here before we know it. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I am very much looking forward to my mom’s delicious turkey dinner.


me autumn fall downtown disney



Current mood:

Mentally exhausted and worn down. I just need to catch a break on several things. I am not sure how much more I can take.



What are you currently loving? Share!


  1. Love this post. I’m currently loving this weather we’re having as well as the Fall recipes that it inspires 😀
    Grace @ Grace Dishes recently posted…Weekend happeningsMy Profile

  2. Thanks for including me <3 I needed that today and it was unexpected so you totally brightened my day!

    I need to check out your SIL's blog! As a former YA librarian, I love to read YA lit!
    Jenny recently posted…My First CrossFit Competition: The Diablo Games-RecapMy Profile

  3. I loved this post my current mood would be worn out but it is nearly 6pm and it feels like it has been a long day.
    Jo-Anne recently posted…Another BirthdayMy Profile

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