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Christmas Eve Magic

Merry Christmas everyone! As I type this, A Christmas Story is on TV, I’m drinking a hot soy latte, and thinking about the pumpkin pie bars and pasta salad I still need to make for later.

Last night, we all celebrated Christmas Eve at Joey and Devon’s house, my brother and sister-in-law, with their boys Cooper and Cole. The kiddos were in full playtime mode and the sound of laughter and giggling filled the house. There was food, fun, and presents! It was a very nice night. Funniest moment of the night – when Cole went to tell Simon (the Elf, currently perched on the tree) that Cooper wasn’t being good. Classic!

I took so many photos – and a fun video – so I better get to it!


IMG_4174  IMG_4187  IMG_4188

IMG_4195  IMG_4196  IMG_4197

IMG_4180    IMG_4181

20121224_173229   20121224_174636   20121224_174835


IMG_4199    IMG_4200

IMG_4203   IMG_4204  

IMG_4207   IMG_4208   IMG_4209

IMG_4212   IMG_4217   IMG_4219

IMG_4222    IMG_4223

IMG_4226   IMG_4227


Cole (left), Cooper (right), and Autumn!


IMG_4232  IMG_4233  IMG_4235

IMG_4236  IMG_4239  IMG_4241

IMG_4243   IMG_4247  IMG_4260

IMG_4245   IMG_4246

IMG_4251  IMG_4252  IMG_4256

IMG_4257  IMG_4258  IMG_4259


Today we will have Christmas dinner at Nick and Jenna’s house and give Autumn her gift! Can’t wait to see her face when we give it to her. (hint, ponies!!!!) Today, as always, I am thankful for wonderful family times!


Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Kat

    I love seeing happy kiddies on Christmas, Merry Christmas Nanci!

  2. […] a very nice Christmas Eve, our Christmas Day was a perfect wrap-up to the long holiday weekend. Another Christmas has come […]

  3. Looks like the kiddos had a great time. Love seeing all the pics… Happy New Year!

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