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Weight Watchers Update – May!

Happy happy Saturday! I have not checked in on here with my WW status since April 20th, so today is a good day to do that. Let’s recap, shall we?   04/19/14………………155.6 04/26/14……………..155.4 05/03/14……………..157.4 05/10/14………………Missed meeting 05/17/14……………….153.8   This is the best I’ve been at attending meetings in the last couple of months due to our busy schedule. I missed …

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Thankful Thursday

    When it seems like everything is going wrong, or there is too much stress, it is easy to fall victim to negative thinking. I hate negative thinking and I try my best to not do it because you can always find something to be positive about. Today seems like a good day to share what I am currently …

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Just move it!

A week and a half ago, I bought the ActiveLink at WW. I had been thinking about buying a Fit Bit to count my steps and such, but I decided that the ActiveLink would be better for me since it works directly with WW, incorporates right into my eTools, and tells me exactly how many activity points I earn on …

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Thoughts on… WW Weekly Points

Since I’ve been back on WW now for 5 weeks, I’m in a pretty good routine. I eat a filling breakfast (protein or oatmeal), a lighter lunch, and then dinner is usually my biggest meal simply because it’s the one I enjoy the most. I’m rushed at breakfast, lunch is usually at my desk (I know, bad….), and dinner is …

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Trader Joe’s and Weight Watchers

Ever since I went to Trader Joe’s back in November, I’ve wanted to go back. You can read about my first trip here.    It’s a little bit of a drive, down in Sarasota, and it’s hard to get down there with everything we have going on. I also wanted to go on a weekend so that hubby could go. Yesterday …

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