A night at the aquarium…


Last night was hubby’s company holiday party. The minute we found out it was at the Florida Aquarium, I was so excited to go. We haven’t been to there in years, and I’ve never been there at night, so I knew it would be a grand time.


CMG 2013 Holiday Party Invite


Hubby’s work holiday parties have always been a little sentimental for me because it was 13 years ago, the night of his Christmas party, that he proposed to me. Seems like a lifetime ago, but I always think about it at this time of year. Here’s a little flashback to that night… Hubby proposed before the party, but it sure was exciting to share it with everyone.


engagement night Dec 2000



Did I also mention that I have been dying to wear my new little black dress since the moment I bought it. I was even more excited yesterday when I realized the dress I bought was not a size 10, but a size 6. I don’t know how I missed that, but it certainly makes me love the dress even more….

xmas party 1    xmas 2


We arrived at the aquarium just as the sun was setting so it made for some great pictures outside…. If only it could have been a little cooler….

xmas party 3    xmas party  4


The evening began with a walk through the Coral Reef which led us to cocktail hour. It’s so fun to see everyone all dressed up. I was amazed by the sharks, the stingrays, and the beautiful fish. And we also saw penguins! I believe their names were Pebbles and Cliff. So cute.

xmas party 5    xmas party 6

xmas party 7    xmas party 9

xmas party 19    xmas party 21

xmas party 12    xmas party 14

xmas party 15    xmas party 8


There were also mermaids! The first thing I thought of was how excited our niece Autumn would be to see them, so I immediately texted a picture. So pretty….

xmas party 10    xmas party 11


Dinner was delicious… Salad, bread, steak, fish, potatoes, and green beans. I totally failed to take a picture of it, but take my word for it. It was delicious!

xmas party 17    xmas party 16

xmas party 18


It was a fun evening, I had a great time with hubby. Thank you Cox Media Group for a wonderful holiday party!

Holiday weekends rock!


I am in denial that the holiday weekend is over. Honestly, I spent most of yesterday stressing over the fact that today was Monday and that would mean heading back to work. Boo. BOO! I am ready to win the lottery and give up this whole having to work for a living thing.

I thoroughly enjoyed having a short week last week. I left work early on Wednesday. I had big plans for the time off, as trivial as those plans may have been for my downtime, it was still my time.

Thursday morning, hubby and I went out for a short run. I love it when he runs with me and I think he like the spending time with me part, but he does not enjoy running like I do. I can understand that. Every one is different. After our run, we went to hot yoga class. Since it was a holiday, the yoga studio was offering a free class to a guest when you paid for yours. Perfect! They just had one class and I never expected it to be packed, but it was. So much sweat. It was awesome.

I was pretty proud of our activity that morning and I had no guilt whatsoever when we went to my brother and sister-in-laws for a 4th of July cookout. Chips, salsa, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken pasta salad, and beer. It was a fun afternoon, despite the little bit of rain we had. My other brother and his family came over so we got to see our cutie-pie nephews.


IMG_9552    IMG_9562

IMG_9571    IMG_9568

IMG_9578    IMG_9582


Hubby headed home after we ate, so Blue and Ozzie would not be alone during the thunderstorms AND fireworks (hubby is such a good dad!) and we headed to Crystal Beach in hopes of the weather clearing in time for a sunset and possible fireworks. Neither happened, but it was important that I was there for the 4th, in memory of my dad. My mom and I haven’t missed a 4th yet. We did have some fun time with Autumn before the rain really kicked in, so that was nice.


IMG_9586    IMG_9592

IMG_9597    IMG_9602



On Friday after my morning run, I “worked from home”. And by “work from home”, I mean I made 3 calls in the morning and one of our stops during the day was work-related. The rest was our time since hubby had the day off as well. This rarely happens where we both take time off. Workaholics don’t even begin to describe us. We bought new tires for my car (a highly irritating purchase but it worked out well), a trip to Parkesdale Market one of our favorite produce markets owned by my friend Xi and her family for fresh produce and delicious milkshakes, and then spent the afternoon at home. (Read Xi’s blog here.)


IMG_9614    IMG_9617


Saturday, I had my WW meeting and then ran afterwards. Hubby played paintball, and I did some cleaning and laundry. I even went to Starbucks for about an hour and enjoyed a beverage and finished the book I was reading, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I picked up my niece afterwards for a sleepover so her mom and dad could have a night out to celebrate their 10th anniversary. When we were driving to our house, she told me she wanted to spend every Saturday night at our house and that she was going to talk to Mommy and Daddy about that. I love that she feels so comfortable at our house. She walks in like she owns the place, calls the guest room “her room”, and is a big helper with Blue and Ozzie and anything else I am doing. Needless to say, we had a great time as usual. Hubby and I took her to the the mall, ate dinner, played on the playground, and had ice cream. Our night ended at home watching The Princess Bride, her choice of movie to bring with her, and playing War. Seriously, she is one cool kid.


IMG_9634    IMG_9640    IMG_9650


Sunday morning we played Go Fish and went to the park. Autumn says I need to get a bike so I can ride with her when she comes over. She’s probably right, but I had fun walking and running to keep up with her too. It was great exercise. After a trip to Petco for puppy treats for Blue and Ozzie and her dog Scarlett, we took her home. Good times!


IMG_9657   IMG_9660    IMG_9661

IMG_9665    IMG_9675




A quick trip to the grocery store and then we were home the rest of the day for some laziness. I love to be lazy.

I’m already looking forward to our next long weekend, Labor Day.


How was your holiday weekend? How did you spend your time?

I highly recommend playing hooky…


With my Aunt Darlene in town this week, I am trying to work as little as possible. I don’t address it too much on here because I do my best to keep it separate, but being a small business owner is hard work and STRESSFUL. It is 24 / 7 no matter what, and my brain is constantly “on”. So if the opportunity comes along to skip work for the day (despite how incredibly hard that is), I’ll take it. Hubby surprised us with tickets to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure and we headed to Orlando on Tuesday along with my mom and aunt. It was a PERFECT day and very much needed. I went as far as not taking calls OR checking work email all day long. It was so nice.

After a quick stop at Starbucks, the four of us hit the road towards Orlando. Considering it was in the heart of rush hour, we made great time. We were also anticipating rain, and even with the cloud cover we saw heading towards Tampa, we never saw a drop of rain all day.






We arrived around 10 and made our way thru City Walk. It has been WAY too long since hubby and I have been there. We used to have annual passes and went often. We really need to do that again….








My Aunt Darlene lives in California and has been to Universal Studios there. And just to make you laugh, I’ve been to Universal Studios out there too, in the 80’s when Miami Vice and Conan The Barbarian were big. If only I could find those pictures…. Anyhow, they do not have Island of Adventure out there, so Darlene was beyond excited to go. It’s even on her bucket list. She was most excited about the whole Harry Potter thing. I guess I should also mention that I have never read one single Harry Potter book nor have I seen one single Harry Potter movie. I couldn’t tell you why, I just never have. When we arrived, we headed to Islands first and made a beeline for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, along with every one else on spring break. Of course, we had to walk through Seuss Landing to get there, which is my favorite part of the park.






IMG_7154       IMG_7153

IMG_7155    IMG_7156

IMG_7158    IMG_7159


Clearly, this is still the most popular part of the park. It was packed, The ride lines were really long, as were the lines for Butter Beer, and the stores were packed. When we were done here, we headed out to the rest of the park.


IMG_7162    IMG_7163

IMG_7164    IMG_7166

IMG_7167  IMG_7169  IMG_7172

IMG_7175   IMG_7176  IMG_7178


After we walked through Islands of Adventure and had lunch, we headed over to Universal Studios. This is my favorite park. I love ET and Twister, and walking through all the different area of the park like Beverly Hills and New York. The weather was perfect and I was having such a great time with my hubby, mom, and aunt. I was also happy to be getting some mileage in, and even more happy that I could walk just two days after the Sarasota Half Marathon. It’s the little things in life…


IMG_7184    IMG_7188




On our way out of the park, we stopped in the Universal Gift Shop and my mom bought these key chains for my sister-in-law Jenna and I. Remember how we were Boob 1 and Boob 2 for the 3 Day last year? They were perfect!




We had such a great time being big kids at Universal for the day. It’s always a great time when you get to spend that day with loved ones.




On our way home, we stopped for dinner at the original Hooters in Clearwater. Hubby and I are no strangers to Hooters and Darlene was excited to go too. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the nice breeze, wonderful company, great food, and ice cold beer.


IMG_7204    IMG_7203


Thank you so much to my hubby for the tickets and a great day. It was the perfect escape and a fun time!


What is your favorite escape? Do you have a favorite theme park?

What a week!


After starting out the week sick and working from home on Monday, it ended up being a very busy week. Thank goodness I was feeling much better on Tuesday. A few highlights from my week…

I took a few amazing pictures at Crystal Beach on Tuesday… I don’t think I will ever tire of sunsets. I know there are breathtaking sunsets all over the world but in my heart, it would be hard to beat the beauty of the ones at Crystal Beach.


crystal beach 120412 pan






After sunset, we went to one of my dad’s favorite restaurants, The Ozona Pig. They have wonderful BBQ and I love the atmosphere there. It was a very nice night.




I brought work home with me almost every night. A necessary evil sometimes. And while it’s not fun, I am able to get more done in a few hours at home in the evening than during the day.

Last night, hubby and I went out to dinner and had a few beers to end the long week. I very easily could have stayed home and firmly planted myself on the couch and not moved, but it was nice to get out and enjoy an evening with hubby, knowing we didn’t have to work the next day. It’s the little things in life…

This morning, we took Blue and Ozzie to the park. We used to do this regularly and life has gotten so busy that it just doesn’t happen nearly as often as we would like. Despite it being a very dreary morning, it was a nice walk and the boys were besides themselves with excitement at being at the park!






At our park, there are trees everywhere that have heart-shaped leaves. I love looking at them, especially in the fall when they are all over the ground. As we walked on one of the bridges this morning, there was one perfectly-shaped one. So pretty!




I’m beyond excited about tonight!! Hubby and I are going to another Yelp event, this time at Lowry Park Zoo for Wild Wonderland! They will have reindeer, and penguins, and lights, and snow, and Frosty and Santa! I have actually never been to the zoo here in Tampa, so I am really looking forward to it. Not to mention another night out with hubby… That’s always a bonus.

I have a lot of catching up here to do in blog land. I feel like I’ve missed a lot on the ones I follow, and I have several posts to do here. Before I go, I wanted to mention a fun challenge I’m doing this month, hosted by some fellow bloggers… Here is the challenge, as posted by Beka at Rebecca Roams. Take a picture each day for the theme shown, tag it #holidayaday, and share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media fun for the holiday!




I’m actually pretty proud of myself for keeping up with it! It’s fun to do, especially since I am forever taking pictures anyway. There is also a Facebook page for the challenge as well. If you are an Instagram lover like I am, be sure to follow me… My IG name is auntnanci.


I hope you all have a great Saturday! What are you plans for the weekend?

Life is crazy


When I started my blog and decided on a name, I knew that it was perfect. My life is crazy and it just seems to get crazier. This week has been an insanely busy one for me, all work related. By the time I get home and make it through the whole dinner and dishes thing, I’m DONE, hence my lack of posts. I’ve been all over the place every day this week except today. So, I decided to take my snuggle boy Blue to work with me. Nothing like mid-day puppy snuggles to make me smile.

My mom and I work together out of her home so it’s the best scenario for me to take the boys to work. I don’t bring Ozzie as much because he is more anxious. But Blue, well he loves the ride, and loves being out and about.
Since Blue has been stuck in the cone of shame while his wounds take forever to heal, I decided to try and go without today. It’s a Christmas miracle that he hasn’t had the cone on since 8am this morning and he’s hardly bothering the wounds. This makes me so happy! It would be fabulous if he could sleep without the cone tonight. Poor thing tries so hard to snuggle with us despite the cone and we get knocked in the head with it.

Blue has been such a snuggly, happy boy today which has made for fun pictures on Instagram (one of my many obsessions).

I am posting this from my phone as we take a drive south so hopefully the photos post okay… The last two pictures I snapped mid-post. Technology is a wonderful thing!

Till next time…












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