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Finally found my groove again!

One thing that is so frustrating about weight loss is sticking with it. You can be going along so well, sticking to your plan, staying on point, and then something happens and you have a little setback and that’s it. You’re in a rut, you can’t find that willpower you had before. I know I’m not the only one who …

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Before & After: 2006

I was recently going through some photos, a trip down memory lane, and I came across my before and after photos from the very first time I did Weight Watchers. After hitting my goal and making lifetime in 7 months with a 30 pound loss, I made a little photo album of my success. Why I ever put the photo …

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A Weigh-In and a Glow Run!

Yesterday was a stellar day. It started out with the super early Weight Watchers meeting, 6:45am to be exact. I’m up anyway, so I like going early. I was so excited to go because it was with Beverly, the leader who’s meeting was the very first one I went to back in 2006 and she saw me through losing weight …

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{book review} The Willpower Instinct

I am no stranger to willpower – or the lack of willpower. I’m sure we can all agree that willpower is strongest when things are going well, when you are in control of your environment. When we lack control – or when stress prevails – the willpower goes out the window. We don’t often think about the fact that there …

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