Week 13 Half Marathon Training


Last full week of training is done. One week from today, I will be running the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete, my sixth half marathon. I might be more excited about this one than any of the others and I can only assume it’s because I’ve been training my butt off for this one.

After last week’s 12 mile run that was so hard and ended with foot paint, I didn’t run for 3 days (2 of those days would have been rest days so I missed one day of running). I enjoyed the time off, but it also drive me crazy not to run. I iced my foot and took Motrin. On Thursday, I headed out on a 5 mile run and it was perfect. I didn’t take a single walk break and I didn’t have any foot pain. On Friday, I ran 3 miles. I was very happy to be back to it. This morning, I ran my last long run of 8 miles. It was a great run! Looking back at the last 13 weeks, it’s amazing that I only missed one run. I’ve done my best to play it safe and push myself along the way. Training has done wonders for my running and I am now a believer in structured training plans.


Week 13


Monday – Rest


Tuesday – Rest


Wednesday – Rest (skipped 3 mile run)


Thursday – 5 miles

week 13 thursday run



Friday – 3 miles

week 13 friday run



Saturday – Rest


Sunday – 8 miles

week 13 sunday run


Several times during this morning’s run, I checked my watch and knew that I was running faster that I maybe should have been, but it was comfortable. I didn’t realize until I finished, just how fast I was actually running, especially on my last mile. A 09:56 minute mile at the end? Holy cow. This is my first long run that has been an average pace in the 10:00’s, even if just by one second. I will gladly take it. And… Being the numbers girl that I am, I checked to see what my time was on my last 8 mile run, which was at the beginning of October and it was 01:34:17 with an average pace of 11:46. Today’s run shows a very nice improvement!





I was very happy to be back at my favorite running spot this morning. The Memorial Causeway and Clearwater Beach is the best of everything – water, sunrise, breeze, beach, and plenty of scenery.


sunrise 111713


We also saw Beth and Nick running this morning. When we spotted Nick’s car, I had to take a picture for a shameless plug for the Best Damn Race. It’s always nice to see running friends out and about.


bdr car 111713


Total miles for Week 13 is 16.03. I have 3 short runs this coming week (3 miles, 2 miles, and 2 miles) and then Sunday is my half marathon! I can’t wait!


Do you get excited before a race? What do you look forward to the most?

Week 12 Half Marathon Training


Two weeks from today is the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete! I’m very excited. There have been so many races the last few weeks and my Facebook and Twitter feed are full of people getting medals. I am so ready to earn my next medal!

Week 12 went well. I was right on track and did my weekday runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I had great times for each. I did not do cross training yesterday, hubby and I had errands to run and my niece’s birthday party. Yesterday, I realized that I would not be able to do my 12 miles on my regular route over to Clearwater Beach because of the TriRock Triathlon. So, I had to do some thinking and planning online to figure out the best route that would not have me doing a bunch of loops. I wanted as much of an out and back route as possible. I decided on Bayshore Blvd. in South Tampa. It’s a 4.5 mile mile stretch of sidewalk, so we ran beyond it past the Tampa Bay Times Forum, and through Channelside. It’s quite a long run, but it made me excited for Gasparilla coming up in February. But, I did miss my bridges this morning….

Since we were going to Tampa for my 12 miles, we got up 15 minutes earlier. Hubby is such a champ to get up early and ride his bike along with me. He didn’t even mind this crazy time I set my alarm for….


week 12 sunday alarm



Week 12


Monday – Rest


Tuesday – 3 miles

week 12 tuesday run



Wednesday – 5 miles

week 12 wednesday run



Thursday – 3 miles

week 12 thursday run



Friday – Rest


Saturday – Rest  (skipped cross training – bad!)


Sunday – 12 miles

week 12 sunday run


That was a hard 12 miles. I was feeling so confident after last week’s great 11 miles and the easy miles I had during the week. This morning, I had some foot pain around mile 8 and it lasted through the end. I’m just going to chalk this one off as a character-building run. A reminder that not every run will be a good one. Now that I’ve looked at my split times and compared to last week, I realize even with my foot pain and numerous walk breaks, I was only about 6 minutes slower than last week. Really not bad at all. Finishing today’s run at 02:21:11 and being just one mile shy of the half marathon distance is a very good indicator that I probably can meet my goal of an 02:30 finish time. I hope, I hope, I hope!





One thing about running a different route is new scenery. I snapped a few great pics on my phone this morning…


bayshore dark    bayshore sunrise

bayshore jose gasparilla    tb forum

ballast point park finish


Total miles for Week 12 is 23.04! Week 13 will be less since next Sunday will only be 8-9 miles. I’m giving my foot some TLC today and even now since I’ve been home, soaked in an Epsom salt bath, and napped, it’s feeling better. Tomorrow is a rest day before I hit the pavement again. With just two weeks to go, I have to continue to be smart and do my best to avoid injury.


How do you quiet that inner voice after a long run that didn’t go as you had hoped?

Week 10 Half Marathon Training


Week 10 is done! This was a really nice one, thanks to some cooler, less humid weather that moved in mid-week. I definitely run better in cooler weather. When it’s hot and humid, it is just harder to breathe. When it’s cooler, I love breathing in the cool air – it’s very refreshing.

Week 10 had two 3 mile runs and 5 mile pace run during the week. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of pace runs – there is a lot of pressure on those. While I am always aware of my time and pace, trying to knowingly keep up a specific pace can be challenging for me. But I did very well on my pace run, so I can’t complain too much. And I even went on the “hilly” route. And by “hilly”, I mean not flat. There is an area north of us that I run when I do anything longer than 3 miles and it’s enough of an incline to feel it in my legs. Love it.

On Friday, hubby and I took off from work and enjoyed a run together. He ran his last run of his C25K training so I did 3.11 instead of 3 miles. I am super proud of hubby!

And this morning, I tackled my first double-digit training run. Every Sunday means a new longer distance for my running outside of a race. Increasing it by a mile each week is the way to go. I went into this morning’s run hoping to finish in 2 hours. I know you shouldn’t set time goals for long runs but it’s hard not to. I was happy to come in under that with an even better pace than last week. And, I even stopped at the potty along the way! (TMI, I know…)



Week 10

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 3 miles

week 10 tuesday run

Wednesday – 5 mile pace run

week 10 wednesday run

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 3 miles

week 10 friday run

Saturday – Cross Training

Planks / Boat Pose / Crunches and walking around Johns Pass!

week 10 cross training saturday

Sunday – 10 miles

week 10 sunday run

Hubby rode along with me again this morning for my 10 miles. Once again, I tackled both the Memorial Bridge and Sandy Key Bridge, running over them both ways. I refuse to walk those darn things. We also took our route a little farther north since we had more mileage to cover and then ended up heading into downtown for the end. I was ecstatic to hit 10 miles, not necessarily to be done, but to know that I did it. I struggled a bit during the run, feeling it my knees and right foot, mostly during mile 7 going into 8. But I told hubby I refused to complain because I was running 10 while several runners I know are running the Marine Corps Marathon today. Nope, I have no right to complain about my 10!





Total miles for Week 10 are 21.14. I did not track my walking yesterday, so this is just for my 4 runs for the week.

I am making a slight change to my training plan after talking to my friend Beth. My plan has me doing a 10K distance next Sunday, then 11, then 12, then the half marathon falls the Sunday after the 12 miles. I have been worried that would be too much, I’m trying really hard to PR and I don’t want to be sore from doing a 12 miler the Sunday before. So…. I will do 11 miles next Sunday, 12 miles the Sunday after, then I’ll finish up with 8 – 9 miles the Sunday before the race. That sounds so much better. Thanks to Beth for the advice!


Have you made changes to your training plan as you get near the end?

Week 9 Half Marathon Training


I have decided that when you are training for something like a race, the weeks just fly by. Really, they do. I feel like I just shared Week 8 with you and here I am ready to tell you about Week 9. Time passes so quickly.

So, Week 9! It was a good week. It brought with it a mid-week 5 miler which will continue through the end of my training. It also means the last single-digit long run on Sundays. I have to thank my wonderful hubby again for keeping me company on his bike this morning. I enjoy our time together and feel pretty special to have him looking out for me. He makes sure I drink water and he reminds me I can get over the last bridge when I am convinced I can’t. Thanks honey!


Week 9

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 3 miles


week 9 tuesday run

Thursday – 5 miles

week 9 thursday run

Friday – 3 miles

week 9 friday run

Saturday – Cross training – walked around PSP World Cup at Fantasy of Flight with hubby

4.5 miles total (according to hubby’s FitBit)

world cup saturday 101913

Sunday – 9 miles

week 9 sunday run

This morning’s run was hard, I’m not gonna lie. I woke up super tired, even going to be at 9 last night. I think being out in the 500 degree heat and sun yesterday as we walked around all day really wore me out. But I sucked it up and got out there this morning and gave it my best shot. I swore several times going over the Sand Key Bridge (a beast of a bridge) but finished strong. It was warm and humid out, which didn’t help. But, I did it and it’s done. 9 miles in the books this morning.



The rest of today will be a snooze-fest. It’s the first Sunday I’ll get to enjoy being home ALL day in a while and I will make the most of it. I’m going to read and nap and make pulled pork for dinner. And then nap some more. I think this is a good representation of how I feel…. Except it should say day of, not day after.

day after long run


Total miles for Week 9, thanks to the added bonus of all the walking I did yesterday, is 24.53 miles.

I’m also excited because I FINALLY registered for the Women’s Half Marathon. You know, the one I’ve been training for? Yes, I just now registered for it. I need to win the lottery so I can register for all the races I want to do. Here’s the fabulous medal I’ll get to add to my collection…. It’s so Florida…




(Source: http://womenshalf.competitor.com/stpetersburg)



Do you enjoy long runs?

WW Weigh-In #12


Happy Saturday! This week has been a very busy one so my blogging has been off. My Aunt Darlene is in town from California and we’ve been enjoying her time here. This has also meant a lot of eating out. Thankfully I ran Sarasota Half Marathon the day before she arrived and then her second day here, we went to Universal Studios for the day. I earned A LOT of activity points for the week to help make up for all the food. Am I skipping out on the food? No way! I’m enjoying every bite, every taste, and will get back to my regularly scheduled tracking after she leaves.

I knew I’d be up at weigh-in this morning, but I was pleasantly surprised at how little I was up. One pound is all I gained. ONE POUND!! Works for me!


WW Weekly weigh-in Week 12


Things I did right this week are:

  • Knowing we are eating out just about once a day while my aunt is in town, the meals I have at home are on point.
  • Water whenever possible.
  • I did not make it to hot yoga this week, so as far as my WW week, the only miles logged were the half marathon last Sunday and walking around Universal. Every mile counts!
  • Breakfast every morning to start the day off right.


What I will focus on this week:

  • Enjoying time with family while my aunt is here until Wednesday. We’re going out to dinner tonight and having a big family dinner at my mom’s tomorrow.
  • Hoping to get back to hot yoga. I only half one week left of unlimited classes left so I want to go 2 or 3 times if possible.
  • Stock up on fruits and veggies at the store. Our fridge is running low this week….
  • I started this week off on a good note and ran the Memorial Bridge this morning for some #irongirl bridge repeats and finished 2 minutes faster than last time. That bridge is NOT going to get the best of me.





I had a stellar week on my ActiveLink thanks to the half marathon and our day at Universal… 45 activity points earned for the whole week. Normally I would never eat all those, in addition to my 49 weekly points, but this week I am positive I did.


activelink 031613 thru 032213


I am feeling very strong this week. My clothes are fitting looser and I just feel better all over. It’s those non-scale victories that keep me going.

If the weather cooperates tomorrow morning, I would love to get a run in before our big family dinner. I am so glad it’s the weekend and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it!


How often do you let yourself splurge and not worry about it?

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