Thankful Thursday



thankful thursday


When it seems like everything is going wrong, or there is too much stress, it is easy to fall victim to negative thinking. I hate negative thinking and I try my best to not do it because you can always find something to be positive about. Today seems like a good day to share what I am currently thankful for…



  • I am always thankful for my hubby. We both work so hard and sometimes our real time together is few and far between. Last week our quick getaway was perfect timing and very much needed. We need to find a way to do that more often.


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  • I am thankful for the ability to run. I need to run and every time I get out there, I am so happy to be able to. It’s been almost a year since my sciatica and those 6 weeks or so that I could hardly move, let alone run, were absolutely miserable. You know that saying…. One day I won’t be able to run. Today is not that day. One of the many reasons I run…. Because I can.


IMG_8127 edit



  • I am thankful for the confidence I have found this year. I am naturally shy and this blog has really helped me come out my shell and not question my abilities as much as I have in the past. I have met some pretty fabulous people and I’ve done things that take me out of my comfort zone, like speaking at the WW Live Life Active event.


ww live life active 060113



  • I am thankful for coffee. It seems trivial, but I am being serious. Coffee is a wonderful thing and in my world, it’s absolutely necessary. No coffee, no workee.





  • I am thankful for my strengths. I know that I am a strong-willed woman and I have goals and I am determined.  My husband says I am stubborn, and maybe I am. But I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe, fight for what I want, and bust my butt to reach my goals.


she believed she could



What are you thankful for today?

Happy National Running Day 2013!


Two years ago if you had asked me what I was doing for National Running Day, I would have assumed you were joking or asked you if there really is such a thing. Of course there is!! And now, I would answer by saying, I’m running, of course!


running day 13 badge



The reasons I run are really endless. I never thought I’d be that person that is ready to head out the door in the morning before the sun is even up to get a couple miles in. I have also met some wonderful people, both in real life and through blogs, because of running. I am thankful to be able to run.

I run for stress relief. I run to get in shape. I run to feel better.  I run because I love food. I run for beer. I run because it’s cheaper than therapy. I run because I can. I run because it makes me feel strong. I run because it makes me proud.

Obviously, running has become a big part of my life. Last year, I wrote this post about National Running Day 2012.  And I wrote a post back in April, appropriately titled I run because…

I was going to run this afternoon, but the rain chances are very high. So, I already went for my run this morning. It was hot and humid but it felt great. 2 miles before my day starts.


run 060513


Are you running today? If you are, be sure to visit to claim your badge, find a meet-up near you, and to share your love of running.


Tell me… Why do you run?

Let’s all go to The Pig!


We had more fun yesterday, with dinner at a family favorite, The Ozona Pig, which my niece calls The Pig. It was great evening, we sat outside at dinner and enjoyed the breeze, the food, and ice cold beer. I love family dinners, and this week has been extra special with my Aunt Darlene here.


IMG_7254     IMG_7252

IMG_7257    IMG_7263

IMG_7262    IMG_7271

IMG_7261     IMG_7269

IMG_7275    IMG_7266


After our delicious meal, we headed north a few minutes to our beloved Crystal Beach. It was cloudy and overcast when we arrived but the sun kept peeking out of the clouds during sunset. Autumn and I had a fun time playing in the water (chilly!), finding shells and rocks, and running along the sand. Autumn always makes me laugh… She fell in the water at one point and then took off running towards the steps yelling “Um, I have a problem!!!”. That kid cracks me up.


IMG_7281    IMG_7284

IMG_7285    IMG_7288

IMG_7296    IMG_7307

IMG_7312    IMG_7316

IMG_7318    IMG_7324

IMG_7326     IMG_7331

IMG_7333     IMG_7349


Our evening ended perfectly with a trip to Cold Stone for ice cream. I haven’t had Cold Stone in quite awhile and it was GOOD!! Hubby and I shared a Cake n’ Shake milkshake. Oh heavenly sweetness in a cup. Cutie pie Autumn had a cotton candy milkshake that was almost as big as she was!




Do you have a family favorite restaurant that you go to? What do you do for fun when you have family in town?

Happy Valentine’s Day!




happy valentines day



Happy Valentine’s Day, honey! I am a lucky girl to have you. Thank you for always being there for me, loving me, taking care of me, supporting me in all I do, and loving me with all your heart. I love you oodles and oodles!!!

If you follow me on Facebook  or Twitter, you may have seen this status update last night….




The reason behind that? Not only did hubby bring home flowers and gifts for me, but he also bought flowers for my mom. Hubby and my mom have always been close so this comes as no surprise, but my goodness it’s sweet…

The sweet gifts hubby got me…. Beautiful pink roses, a bottle of wine, and beautiful card, and a gift card for a 60-minute massage at my favorite massage studio in Tampa. And I love that he can never wait to give me a gift. Too cute.


IMG_5958    IMG_5960


And these are the pretty flowers he bought my mom… Seriously. Sweetest man ever. He also blogged about it today, you can read it here.




Happy Valentine’s Day!


Did you receive a Valentine today? Does your significant other every give you your gifts early?

The one where my blog turns 2 and I vlog about it!



TCLOM 2 years


Two years! It has been two years since I first started blogging. My goodness… I have talked about so much on here –losing my dad, weight loss, running, infertility, books, fun times, bad times, races, injuries, hubby, family, friends, our crazy dogs, and more. When I started this blog, it was all for me to have an outlet to write. I have always loved to write, and coming off the loss of my dad, I thought it would be a great place to just let it all out. I have always been much better at writing my thoughts and feelings than verbalizing them. My beloved blog that I love so much, has turned into a daily scrapbook of my life. Especially this past year, with so many fun and exciting things that happened, and I documented it all right here. It’s as much for me as it is my family across the country and whoever else is interested in what I have to say.

Reading blogs a few years ago and finding so much inspiration in other’s stories is another reason I wanted to do my own blog. There is something very inviting and inspirational in someone sharing their struggles through whatever journey they are going through, whether it’s weight loss or illness or infertility. I wanted to be able to try and inspire people they way other’s have inspired me.

My blog also helps to keep me accountable. It’s a great place to keep track of my goals, share my victories, or to ‘fess up when things don’t go the way I wanted them to.

I thought about listing my favorite posts in honor of the two years, but since I did a similar post the beginning of the year, I didn’t want to repeat myself. So, what better way for me to express my gratitude for the last two years than to vlog about it. To say that I was nervous doing this is an understatement. I am so critical of myself, but like everything else on this blog, I am just putting myself out there. Here goes!



Celebrating 2 years since I started writing my blog.


Thank you all for being a part of this and for continuing to read. I look forward to another year of blogging and getting to know more of you!


What do you enjoy most about my blog? Is there anything different you’d like me to talk about or to share?

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