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Bridges for breakfast, anyone?

I have not been out to Memorial Causeway to run the bridge since May. After the Iron Girl Half, we went out a couple times. After driving over the causeway the other day for work, I realized I missed running it and decided I would head back out there this weekend. I asked hubby last night if he’d go out …

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Hot yoga on a hot summer day…

On the 4th of July, hubby and I went to hot yoga class in the morning since we were both off work. They only had one class since it was a holiday and it was PACKED. When I was going before, at the most there would be 15 or 16 people in class. Everyone would be nice and spread out. …

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Goalgetter2013 – How did I do in May?

May was AWESOME! The goal I set for myself may have been the most optimistic of my goals to date. As a reminder, here is my May goal that I was working towards…     And of course if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or my blog, than you know I completed this goal, running every single day of …

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WW Weigh-In #22

What a long week this short week was. Anyone else feel that way? Thank goodness it’s over and its now the weekend. Once again, I was up dark and early for WW and my weigh-in. I knew going in this morning that there would be a gain and that’s okay. It was just one of those weeks. I was over …

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31 days, 31 runs, 56.66 miles

I DID IT! I ran every single day in the month of May. Only 4 of those runs were on the treadmill, the rest were outside. The last week and a half have been insanely hot and humid, even my morning runs have left me a hot and sweaty mess. Today was no different. This is the face of someone …

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