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It happens every year!

It’s happened again. Just like it does every year. I have been bitten by the sunshine bug. It happened Saturday, when I walked in the afternoon for 4 miles, in the hot Florida sun. It was hot and I sweat my butt off, but man, the sunshine felt fantastic on my shoulders. Of course I was red that night and …

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Sunshiney Sunday

After my 10 mile walk yesterday, which is approx. 6 1/2 miles more than I would do on an average day, I thought that I might not walk today. I would leave that decision until this morning, but I know when I was thinking about it last night, the idea of laying on the sofa all day sounded pretty nice. …

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Oh, the beach!

This morning, my mom and I walked the Memorial Causeway over to Clearwater Beach. The causeway starts in downtown Clearwater, with parking just below it (in the shade even!). We parked and off we went! We weren’t going fast, not trying to win a race or anything, just walking and enjoying the fact that we didn’t have to rush to …

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