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Progress, not perfection

I use this saying a lot when it comes to my weight loss. Every week brings with it different challenges to face and it is just not possible – or healthy – to lose weight every single week. There will be gains, losses, and some weeks where you just maintain. Progress, not perfection.     This also applies to running. …

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Sunday Run Day

This morning started dark and early at the Memorial bridge in Clearwater for a nice run over the causeway. I enjoy running around my neighborhood during the week, but Sunday is probably my favorite because I have the time to take my run somewhere else. After finally making it back to the bridge three weeks ago, it has become our …

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Bridges for breakfast, anyone?

I have not been out to Memorial Causeway to run the bridge since May. After the Iron Girl Half, we went out a couple times. After driving over the causeway the other day for work, I realized I missed running it and decided I would head back out there this weekend. I asked hubby last night if he’d go out …

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Hot yoga on a hot summer day…

On the 4th of July, hubby and I went to hot yoga class in the morning since we were both off work. They only had one class since it was a holiday and it was PACKED. When I was going before, at the most there would be 15 or 16 people in class. Everyone would be nice and spread out. …

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Thankful Thursday

    When it seems like everything is going wrong, or there is too much stress, it is easy to fall victim to negative thinking. I hate negative thinking and I try my best to not do it because you can always find something to be positive about. Today seems like a good day to share what I am currently …

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