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Happy Friday! I got this post idea from Kim at Racing Bananas and thought it would be fun one for a Friday.


Current book:

Grasping at Eternity (Kindrily #1) by Karen Amanda Hooper… I love YA books. I always have, but since my sister-in-law Jenna started her amazing blog, I have been an even bigger fan. I’ve had this one on my Kindle app for awhile, and I’ve finally started reading it. And fun fact, since my sister-in-law is friends with the author who is local, I’ve actually had the pleasure of having lunch with them! Another perk of having a sister-in-law who blogs about books.


Grasping at Eternity (The Kindrily, #1)



Current music:

I love the new Katy Perry song Roar. It’s fabulous and a real mood booster. It’s such a catchy song and I have been lured in by her lyrics before, especially with Wide Awake. Roar is fabulous. It’s also currently the ringtone on my phone, proof of how much I love the song.


Katy Perry “ROAR”



Current guilty pleasure:

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Every year, I live for the day they come out. And when they do, I have too many too soon and then decide I need to cut back. I’m not there yet, I probably will be in another week or so. I get mine with soy milk, no whipped cream. It’s still high in points but Oh. So. Good.


1st psl


Current drink:

Water is my go-to drink, and what I drink the most of every day. I usually drink it plain, if I add anything it’s just lemon. Now if we’re talking favorite drink when hubby and I are out enjoying wings? The answer would be beer. Ice cold beer.


Current food:

The last few weeks we’ve had breakfast for dinner quite a few times. Eggs, ham, maybe hash browns, and maybe toast. I love eggs and could eat them all the time so it’s never a stretch to have them often. It’s also easy to make and during the week, I am all about making meals that don’t take much effort.


Current show:

I love The Little Couple and Who Do You Think You Are? We also watch Bar Rescue and I’ll admit it, The Real Housewives of New Jersey OR Orange County. But not Miami, I don’t like that one. Those housewives are a train wreck and I just can’t look away. Also recently, I have gotten sucked into Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t seem to watch shows when they’re all the rage so clearly I am way behind on this one and I’m sure I’m not catching them in order. I really want to watch Orange Is The New Black, it’s already in my Netflix My List.


Current wish list:

A new pair of Brooks Glycerin 10 running shoes and a handful of race entries. I hope I can swing the races I have planned for the fall and it would be fabulous to have new shoes to run them in.


Current triumphs:

Running. I’ve been running a pretty consistent pace for awhile now and it makes me feel like I am doing something right. I am enjoying the structure of my half marathon training. It’s not necessarily my goal to run faster, but to be able to run longer and better.


Current links:

Three blogs that I love are:

  • Racing BananasI just recently found this blog and it turns out Kim and I have a lot in common!
  • Words To Run By – Sara is wonderful and is very open in her blog.
  • Orangespoken – I know Steph personally and she is so awesome. Her blog will make you laugh out loud at times.


Current needs:

I *need* for the weather to cool off. I *need* for it to not be so humid. I long for the nice fall days I know we will have at some point. I just wish we didn’t have to wait for so long.


Current indulgence:

I love, love, love my iPad Mini. It’s very high on the list of the coolest things I‘ve ever bought for myself. I can read on it, catch up on blogs, play time-wasting games, watch Netflix, and more.


Current outfit:

I’m totally stealing this from Kim at Racing Bananas but my running or yoga clothes. They’re so comfy and I would wear them every day if I could.


Current excitement:

I am pretty excited to attend FLBlogCon again this year, this time with hubby. I enjoyed it so much last year and met new people. This year has been so different for my blogging, it’s grown so much, and I am excited to meet even more new people and learn even more for this little piece of internet that I love and put so much into.


Current mood:

I am tired and worn out. It’s been a stressful week with our dog Blue having surgery and he has 10-14 days healing time before his stitches come out, so it will be stressful until then.


blue cone 090513



What are you currently enjoying? I hope you’ll share!

Pottery painting fun!


Last Friday, I received a text from my sister-in-law Jenna asking if I wanted to go pottery painting with them. Never mind that I am not creative in the painting department, I knew it would be fun and of course I said yes. That plan turned into a girls’ day on Sunday for myself, Jenna, and Autumn. What a fun afternoon it was.

We met for lunch at Panera Bread and then headed over to the pottery studio just before they opened. We actually went to their old location, but fortunately they had just moved up the road. It was a good thing we arrived for their opening at 1pm because they filled up fast.

Jenna had done pottery painting before, out in Seattle, and she assumed this studio would be similar. It’s a pretty neat concept. You pick out your pottery from a large assortment of mugs, dishes, figurines, ornaments, and more. Jenna and I both share a love for owls and picked the same owl mug. This isn’t surprising, of course, since Jenna and I are so alike.




Autumn picked a dog figurine, also not surprising because she loves dogs so much. Before it was even painted, she knew she would name it Spot!

IMG_9939    IMG_9940



After you pick your pottery, you select your colors from the samples on the wall. You can select as many colors as you want and you ask for them as you need them. They actually have examples of what one coat, two coats, and three coats will look like and they recommend three coats for a nice, vibrant look.





Even though Jenna and I picked the same owl mug, we both chose very different colors. I chose darker colors and she chose lighter colors. Jenna is amazingly artistic so I knew my owl would be nothing like hers. However, I was pretty proud of myself and the painting skills I didn’t even I know I had. We were there for almost 4 hours and the time just flew by. It was so relaxing and we got to chit chat and Autumn kept us entertained as well. Autumn takes after her mom and is artistic as well. She knew exactly what she wanted and ended up doing not only the dog, but two smaller pieces. She finished before us and was so patient and good while we finished up.


IMG_9943    photo 1





When we were all done, we put our initials on the bottom of our pieces and left them on the cart in the back. They will glaze them and call us when ready. I cannot wait to see how they come out.



IMG_9945    IMG_9951



My owl is the one with brown, blue, and red. Jenna’s is the lighter one. I love how she did the eyes! And isn’t Spot the puppy adorable? Autumn did a great job.

It was such a fun time and we will definitely do it again!


Have you done pottery painting before? Did you enjoy it?

Lunch, books, and more!


Yesterday I went with my sister-in-law Jenna to a book signing at our local indie bookstore in Tampa, Inkwood Books. One our way to the signing, we went to Hyde Park to have lunch at Nature’s Table Café. I had a California Club on wheat bread. It was as delicious as it looks….. Bacon AND avocado? Yes, please.


natures table cafe


After lunch, we headed to Inkwood Books for the book signing with Rick Yancey and his new YA book, The 5th Wave. This is supposed to be the next big thing, much like The Hunger Games. Jenna has a YA Lit review blog, Jenna Does Books, and whenever she attends these events, she invites me and it’s always fun to tag along. We both love to read and she is forever recommending books to me. If she loves a book, I know I need to read it. My to-read list is forever long!

Be sure to check out Jenna’s blog if you are a YA Lit fan… She has reviews, giveaways, and more. And most exciting… She is an aspiring writer herself. So proud of her!

Rick Yancey was very entertaining and fun to listen to. I always love to hear how an author came to be an author, how they turned their ideas into a book, and what they think of other books. It was a treat to listen to him talk about his influences and how his idea for this book, the first in a trilogy, came from his wife telling him that she is afraid of aliens. I am very excited to read this book.


The 5th Wave

“The first wave took out half a million people. The second wave put that to shame.” Now humanity, or what’s left of it, faces the oncoming of the 5th wave and only one rule applies: Trust no one. 16-year old Cassie travels alone in the plague and war-ravaged remnants of her hometown, desperate to fulfill a promise made to her little brother. Along the way she must evade Them, the enemy who is all but indecipherable from other survivors. When she meets Evan Walker, Cassie must decide whether or not she can put her brother’s fate–as well as her own– in his hands. The 5th Wave is an exciting, thoughtful, brilliant read.


rick yancey signing 051813


rick yancey 2



5th wave 1    5th wave 2


Always a fun time with Jenna and it made for a nice Saturday afternoon!



Do you read YA Lit? How often do you go to book signings?

Oh, the places you’ll go with Boob 1 and Boob 2!


What a whirlwind it has been since last Thursday! I can’t believe after months and months of looking forward to the 2012 Susan G. Komen 3-Day it has finally been here and passed. For the last couple months, my sister-in-law Jenna and I have been working on a theme for our sweep van. As part of the 3-Day crew, we would drive a van each of the three days to assist the walkers if they could not walk and wanted to “sweep” to the next stop. I was excited to be a part of the 3-Day family this year after being on the spectator side of it last year.

Our theme…. Boob 1 and Boob 2! Both Jenna and I love Dr. Seuss and we thought Thing 1 and Thing 2 would be a fabulous theme. And since it was the 3-Day, we would be Boob 1 and Boob 2. Jenna, being the super-creative artist she is, came us with great ideas for the van decorations. She also picked out the fabulous attire and wig for us to wear. It all came together perfectly.

We had a crew meeting last Thursday afternoon, after which we were able to start decorating our van. I have been dying to share these photos since then but there hasn’t been time. Now is the time! Take a look at our Suessical Boob Mobile!























It was FANTASTIC!! I loved every detail of it, as well as the colors. And the way Jenna personalized the Dr. Seuss quotes was even better. Unfortunately, the wind we had Friday morning as we were leaving opening ceremony wreaked havoc on the sign and umbrella on top. We tried re-securing the sign but the umbrella literally blew off on the Sand Key bridge. Imagine me in my Boob 1 outfit running down the bridge, in the wind, to pick it up. We made the decision to leave them off in hopes that we could put them back up the next day. With the windy conditions we had all weekend, close to 30 MPH winds at times, we never got to put them back up. Regardless, the van was still awesome.

And how about us?! How fun were we in our outfits?! Polka dot fleece pajama bottoms, pink t-shirts, comfy shoes, and a bright blue wig. All weekend long, people called us by our names, Boob 1 and Boob 2, or Boobies, or The Boobs. My hope is that we made everyone smile as they walked those 60 miles. The reaction we got out of everyone was so fun.








I have so much more to share about this experience so there will be another post to follow!

A rainy day in Fort Myers…


Yesterday, I drove down to Fort Myers with my SIL Jenna for a book launch party at Barnes & Noble. Jenna blogs over at Making The Grade and wanted to meet author Trish Doller whose YA book Something Like Normal just came out. You can read about Trish and her book at her website Trish Writes Books.

Because I have to, I took a picture going over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. I don’t know when I started doing it, but every time I drive over it, I have to take a picture. Weird? Maybe. But no two pictures are ever the same. It was a wet and rainy drive all the way down.


ft myers 062312 1


Poor Jenna didn’t feel good when we arrived and I felt so bad for her! Finally, after some food she felt better. We met up with Jenna’s book-blogging friends Sarah and Shanon, and Olivia who doesn’t blog. Smile After an early dinner at Applebee’s, we braved the rain and headed over to Barnes & Noble for the book launch party.


ft myers 062312 2

ft myers 062312 4


I did not know that Trish actually worked at the B&N that her book launch party was at. How cool is that? She was really nice and I enjoyed listening to her talk about her book (which I can’t wait to read!) and about her writing process, her family, and more. She has a great sense of humor.


ft myers 062312 5


After she talked about her book and answered questions, she signed books. I bought one (of course!) and had it signed. Thank you Trish! It was great meeting you!


ft myers 062312 6


Trish’s daughter made cupcakes which were color coordinated to the book. They were SO good. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the inside – they were marble with the same color as the icing. I love that Trish had her husband, daughter, and mom there with her.


ft myers 062312 7


During the party, it was announced that the tropical depression was now Tropical Storm Debby. That was definitely going to make for an interesting drive home!


ft myers 062312 8

ft myers 062312 9


The drive home ended up not being too bad. Despite the rain, we actually made it home faster than it took to drive down. It’s not often that I am on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge at night, so this was a fun picture to take…


ft myers 062312 10


It was a fun day! Jenna and I make great road-trip companions and I enjoy tagging along with her on these book adventures and meeting new author’s and people. Thanks Jenna!

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