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Sunday Run Day

This morning started dark and early at the Memorial bridge in Clearwater for a nice run over the causeway. I enjoy running around my neighborhood during the week, but Sunday is probably my favorite because I have the time to take my run somewhere else. After finally making it back to the bridge three weeks ago, it has become our …

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Happy National Running Day 2013!

Two years ago if you had asked me what I was doing for National Running Day, I would have assumed you were joking or asked you if there really is such a thing. Of course there is!! And now, I would answer by saying, I’m running, of course!       The reasons I run are really endless. I never …

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31 days, 31 runs, 56.66 miles

I DID IT! I ran every single day in the month of May. Only 4 of those runs were on the treadmill, the rest were outside. The last week and a half have been insanely hot and humid, even my morning runs have left me a hot and sweaty mess. Today was no different. This is the face of someone …

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Four weeks down, three days to go!

Well, technically two days to go, because I already ran this morning…. I am so close to completing this challenge. So close to running every single day in this month. Yesterday completed week four, 28 days. The fourth week brought with it a lot of heat and I didn’t get quite as many miles in as I had wanted to …

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Three weeks down! Just a week and a half to go…

Yesterday’s run completed week 3 of the #mayruneveryday challenge I am doing. 3 weeks. 21 days of running every single day. How do I feel on the downside of this challenge? Absolutely fabulous. The desire to get out there every single day is strong and necessary. It helps me to deal with my day, my thoughts, and reminds (and quiets) …

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