Would You Rather… Runner’s Edition

I recently read a fun post on Breathe Deeply and Smile, a blog by a fellow runner and Sweat Pink Ambassador, Lauren. I thought this would be a fun post to do since I am all-things-running right now with marathon training in full swing.


Would You Rather? Runner’s Edition


1.Would you rather run a 5K or a marathon? I should probably wait until after November 30 to really answer this one. But since I am training for my first full, I’m going to say a marathon. I am excited about it and love the challenge of it. But a 5K might be my answer after I run those 26.2 miles…


2. Would you rather run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold? I live in Florida where it is currently as hot as the face of the sun. I run awful in the heat and humidity. I live for it to cool off. Last year we had many days in the 50’s which I thought were perfect for running. I run so much better in the cooler weather. So, I’m going to go with a hilly race in the cold. I’d rather have the hills over the heat.


3. Would you rather get new running shoes or a new running outfit? Tough one. I love new running shoes, but I really need a new pair of running shorts. They are just hard to find because I like the longer ones. I really want a running skirt but they all seem to have the short shorts underneath and that just doesn’t work for me.


4. Would you rather run a race without headphones or without a Garmin? Without headphones, all day long. I am used to running without music now. But if I ran without my Garmin, I would probably feel naked.


5.  Would you rather run on the treadmill for an hour or in a circle around the same street for an hour? As much as I dislike running circles around the neighborhood, I despise the dreadmill. I would have to choose circles around the same street for an hour. At least I’d be outside with some sort of scenery.


6. Would you rather run a Ragnar Relay or a marathon relay? I would have to say a marathon relay because it would just be one day and presumably not overnight. Either way, I think the idea of running with a team would be fun.


7.  Would you rather come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st in the New York City Marathon? I can’t imagine either of these, but I’d probably have to say 1st in the New York City Marathon.


8.  Would you rather give up running for 1 year to get a BQ (Boston Marathon qualifying time) or never BQ but run as much as you want? Again, a BQ is not something that will ever happen for me so I would love to just run and run and run and never worry about a BQ.


9.  Would you rather run in an urban area or on a trail? Probably an urban area.


10.  Would you rather have a headache during a run or a side stitch? Side stitch. I’ve had them before and they usually go away. My headaches tend to linger once I get them.


11.  Would you rather run in a thunderstorm or a snowstorm? I prefer to not get struck by lightning so I’ll have to say a snowstorm. I can be like Rocky training in Russia in Rocky IV!


12.  Would you rather have a rest day on a work day or a day off? I prefer rest days on work days. I love running on a day off, when I don’t have to rush my morning and don’t have to worry about work.


13.  Would you rather run just because or train for a race? I actually like training for a race for the structure of it. Having a plan keeps me more active than just running whenever – it seems too easy to skip out on a run if I am not working towards a goal or a race.


Pick one question and share your answer with me!

Family time!

The last week has been spent having fun with my Aunt Darlene from California. We are very lucky to have her visit us just about once a year now and we enjoy her visits very much. We sadly said goodbye to her today as she hops on a plane to fly back home this evening. There has been a lot of Starbucks coffee, eating out, shopping, laughing, and enjoying her time here. Darlene also got to meet hubby’s grandmother. And like the rest of us, she thinks she is a real hoot!

I am always sad to see her leave, but we made a lot of fun new memories this week!

Here is our week in photos!


IMG_6432    IMG_6433

IMG_6477    IMG_6481

IMG_6485    IMG_6479


   IMG_6543    IMG_6544 .

photo 2    photo 3

IMG_6541    IMG_6590

IMG_6594    IMG_6596

IMG_6604    IMG_6622

On Friday, hubby and I are going to Vegas. He’s going for work and I am tagging along for fun! I am so excited to get the heck out of town for a few days and I will likely be behind on my posts again… There will always be time for that when we return!

{Giveaway} ElectroDash 5K in Tampa

I love a good race where I can be super competitive with myself. BUT! It’s also fun to do an event that is more about the fun and not the time. ElectroDash5K is just that! Just check out these pictures…



ed light-columns-gallery


Photos and video courtesy of electrodash5k.com

ed gallery-photo-15

This is a night run with neon lights, electronic music, dazzling light displays, and a whole lot of FUN! It’s like a 5K dance party! A great time, right?!

This is how it works…. Show up to run wearing whatever looks best in the black light. You’ll be greeted at the start line with enough neon lights, glow sticks, and Electronic Dance Music to make your heart beat faster, your fists pump harder, and all your jokes just a little bit funnier. From there, every corner of the run is another party. You’ll run, walk, or dance 3.1 miles through stations of insane light shows, photobooths, neon madness, and electro lasers right up until the finish: the biggest party of all. So bring your camera and put your party hat on; it’s time to rage.




Here are all the important details….

When:   Friday March 21, 2014 at 8:00pm

Where:  Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL

What you get:  

  • An official ElectroDash T-shirt
  • One pair of neon glow glasses
  • An ElectroDash glow-in-the-dark tattoo
  • An LED bracelet
  • And the best time of your life

Registration:  $45 until 01/31/14






For those who are ready to register (hurry up!), I have a discount code for you! You can use the code CRAZYLIFE15 and save 15% on registration. Don’t forget, the registration fee of $45 is good until 01/31/14, so you want to register NOW to save 15% off that lowest price!

I also have a chance for TWO people to to win ONE FREE entry to the Tampa event! You have several ways to win your entry!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I’ll be there… Will you?

p.s. Stay tuned for another post soon on another fun Tampa even coming up – Color Me Rad 5K! I’ll have a discount code and giveaway for that one as well!

Race Recap ~ Santa’s Twilight 5K

Saturday night was only my second night race that I’ve done and it was so much fun! Hubby and I, along with our friend Corinna, did the Santa’s Twilight 5K on Honeymoon Island in Dunedin. It was only the second year and I didn’t get to do it last year because I was sick. I was excited to do it this year.




The weather was nice, but very windy. Thankfully it wasn’t warm, it was on the cool side. We wore shorts, red shirts, and fun twinkling Santa’s hats! I’m so glad hubby thought to get them. It made it really fun and festive.

We arrived at Honeymoon Island early and just in time for a beautiful sunset. You know me and sunsets…. I took too many photos, but I couldn’t resist. I am just drawn to the water and the amazing colors of the sun at the end of the day…






I also took what may be my most favorite finish line photo ever. I have decided that all finish lines should be along the water and have beautiful twinkling lights like this one. So pretty!





IMG_3675    IMG_3673


The race started just after 7pm when it was dark. We all had glow necklaces to wear and we knew the course would have luminaries to light the way. And of course we had our fabulous twinkling hats!




Finally, we were off! We started towards the back to let the crowd thin out. Santa Claus was at the start line cheering everyone on as they started, The kids who were running were so excited!




I had not run all week and I was so excited to get out there. It just felt great! Thankfully, my baby toe that I busted last Tuesday did not hurt.

My first mile was the slowest, just trying to get around everyone. Just before Mile 2, the crowds thinned out and I was able to run a really nice pace. I ran the entire distance, no walk breaks. It was a really nice course and it was fun to see all the lights and the costumes of the other runners. I knew that I was finishing my fastest 5K race when I was almost at the finish just before 29 minutes. I finished strong at 30:56 with an average pace of 09:38 per mile. Pretty darn good!






After we all finished, we waited in line for what might be the best post-race goodies ever. Hot chocolate with marshmallows, a banana, cookies, and chocolate dipped pretzels. Sugar rush!




It was really a fun time. I always enjoy doing races with hubby and my friend Corinna. It’s such a fun way to stay active and earn a cool medal to add to our collections. This race will definitely be on my list for 2014!

IMG_3693    IMG_3694



And of course, now I have a new 5K goal in mind… It’s time to tackle a sub-30 5K. I know I can do it! I am even more determined to do it after seeing the official race results and how I placed. Wow!


santas twilight results 121413


Have you run any Christmas races this month?

A night at the aquarium…

Last night was hubby’s company holiday party. The minute we found out it was at the Florida Aquarium, I was so excited to go. We haven’t been to there in years, and I’ve never been there at night, so I knew it would be a grand time.


CMG 2013 Holiday Party Invite


Hubby’s work holiday parties have always been a little sentimental for me because it was 13 years ago, the night of his Christmas party, that he proposed to me. Seems like a lifetime ago, but I always think about it at this time of year. Here’s a little flashback to that night… Hubby proposed before the party, but it sure was exciting to share it with everyone.


engagement night Dec 2000



Did I also mention that I have been dying to wear my new little black dress since the moment I bought it. I was even more excited yesterday when I realized the dress I bought was not a size 10, but a size 6. I don’t know how I missed that, but it certainly makes me love the dress even more….

xmas party 1    xmas 2


We arrived at the aquarium just as the sun was setting so it made for some great pictures outside…. If only it could have been a little cooler….

xmas party 3    xmas party  4


The evening began with a walk through the Coral Reef which led us to cocktail hour. It’s so fun to see everyone all dressed up. I was amazed by the sharks, the stingrays, and the beautiful fish. And we also saw penguins! I believe their names were Pebbles and Cliff. So cute.

xmas party 5    xmas party 6

xmas party 7    xmas party 9

xmas party 19    xmas party 21

xmas party 12    xmas party 14

xmas party 15    xmas party 8


There were also mermaids! The first thing I thought of was how excited our niece Autumn would be to see them, so I immediately texted a picture. So pretty….

xmas party 10    xmas party 11


Dinner was delicious… Salad, bread, steak, fish, potatoes, and green beans. I totally failed to take a picture of it, but take my word for it. It was delicious!

xmas party 17    xmas party 16

xmas party 18


It was a fun evening, I had a great time with hubby. Thank you Cox Media Group for a wonderful holiday party!