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Ah, life. Always throwing curve balls. And for someone who doesn’t deal well with change, this can be particularly challenging.      The last half of 2015 was particularly hard after my brother’s accident. But he has been back to work since December and has been doing SO good. He has pretty much said goodbye to all his doctors (except one for his nose) and …

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Mentally preparing for marathon training

How much of running is mental vs. physical? I don’t think my body was made to be a runner and it does not come easy. And sometimes, I fool myself into thinking I just can’t run farther or faster or longer. As much as I love to run, it’s not always easy to get out the door and go. But …

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I want…

I usually try to keep things very upbeat on my blog, but today I am just going to spit all this out for fear that if I don’t, it will explode. That just wouldn’t be pretty, would it? Here goes…   I want… To not be stressed. I stress about everything. It can’t be good for me, right? I want… …

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What is YOUR stress relief?

We all deal with stress. Every day, we all have different stressors that affect us in multiple ways. And each and every one of us deal with our stress in a different way. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have stress. But we all do, and we have to find a way to deal with it. When I get stressed, …

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Holy Half-Marathon!

Two weeks from tomorrow, on Sunday November 18, I will be doing my second half-marathon – the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Petersburg. Yesterday morning, as I was running 3.11 miles at the park, I realized that I am so not prepared. Dealing with my sciatica right when I was supposed to start training for the half was not the …

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