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Blog Love: MetamorFit


It seems I haven’t done a Blog Love post in awhile and I have the perfect one to bring it back again… I have gotten to know so many wonderful bloggers here in the Tampa area, thanks to a great group on Facebook. It’s amazing to me how many health and fitness bloggers there are here. I really hope to meet this particular blogger in person because she is such an inspiration.

Today’s Blog Love goes out to… MetamorFit written by Jenny Hodges.


metamorfit blog page

(Source: Metamorfit)



Jenny has lost an AMAZING 212 pounds by changing the way she eats, following Weight Watchers, and being very active. I follow her on Facebook and Twitter and I always love to see her posts and pictures of her activities, workouts, and meals. She’s a wife and mother of 3, has an adorable dog, and makes sure to take time for herself to maintain her loss. She runs, does CrossFit, group fitness classes, and spinning. And… She was part of a national ad campaign for my beloved Weight Watchers. She is AMAZING!

Jenny also does VLOGs, which I really like. It’s great to read a blog, but it’s also really nice to listen to a person talk and share their thoughts and emotions.

If you are just starting out on your journey, or are struggling with a plateau, or maybe need just a little nudge to keep up your weight loss, Jenny is a wonderful motivator! I hope you’ll take the time to visit MetamorFit and let Jenny know I sent you!

Blog Love: Sneakers and Fingerpaints


It’s time for another Blog Love post! The blog I am sharing this week is one that I read daily. It’s full of running love, workouts, yummy food and local fare, and just all around fun. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting her through Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers.

This week’s Blog Love goes to….. Kat at Sneakers and Fingerpaints!




Kat is very open about her journey – her weight loss, how she has become a runner, being a newlywed, and a local artist. She also has an adorable pug named Jaeden and we all know I am a sucker for dogs… Most of all, I love her Motivational Monday and Featured Sneaker posts.

I seem to be partial to blogs who use photos and hers is no exception. Kat always has great, fun photos. She also hosts giveaways, and has great tips.

It’s no wonder Kat is both a FitFluential and Sweat Pink Ambassador, she is full of motivation and is a rock star with her workouts. This weekend, she is running her first half marathon, the Women’s Half in St. Petersburg, the same one I’ll be doing. She’ll do great, I’m sure of it!

I hope you’ll take a moment to visit Kat over at Sneakers and Fingerpaints – I know you’ll love her blog as much as I do!


Blog Love: Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers


On Tuesdays, I like to do a Blog Love post and share a blog that I am currently loving. This week, I thought I’d share something a little different… I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled upon this group, but I am so glad I did. Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers is a group of bloggers in the Tampa Bay area.




There is a meet-up once a month, usually hosted by one of the bloggers. We just get together to talk and have a nice time. It’s nice to put faces with names!

The first meet-up I went to was about 3 months ago. To say that I was nervous was an understatement. Even though I had talked to several of the ladies on Facebook, Twitter, and through our blogs, I was still nervous. That meet-up was at Hooker Tea Co. in St. Pete and I am so glad I went. You can read about it here.

I missed the next couple meet-ups and the book club meeting, but I made it out to this month’s meet-up, thanks to my wonderful hubby for driving me since at the time I never would have been able to make the drive to Plant City and back. I wasn’t nervous about that meeting since I had already met several of the wonderful ladies and it was fun to meet a few members I had not yet met. You can read about that meet-up here.

Next month, I will be attending the Central Florida Blogger Conference in Orlando. I have never been to anything like it and I am really looking forward to it, not only to learn more about the wonderful world of blogging that I have really grown to love, but also to see some of the group. I know there are several of us going.

If you are a blogger in the Tampa Bay area and are interested in joining the group, please visit the Facebook page for all things group related. You can find the group here.

Here are some of the wonderful blogs I have found through the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers:

My Fascinating Life

Kitchen KM

Runners Tales

Discom-BOB-ulated Running

Meals and Miles

Cuban Running Crisis

Sneakers 2 Sandals

Sneakers & Fingerpaints

La Petite Maison Verte

Rebecca Roams


Grace Dishes

Discovering Debbie’s Blog


Do you belong to a blogging group? What kind of activities do you do?

Blog Love: Whit Likes Fit


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Blog Love post so I am excited to bring it back! The blog I have chosen this week is a fun one to read. This blog is written by Whitney. I’ve been reading it for awhile and I follow her on Twitter. She is very active and always has fabulous photos of food on her blog. She loves to run and workout and she also enjoys beer. Oh, and she has a cute dog. How could I not like her?!

So, this week’s Blog Love goes out to… Whit Likes Fit.




If you are looking for great healthy food ideas, and maybe some motivation to get moving, you will definitely get that from Whitney’s blog. She is definitely #fitfluential. I hope you’ll stop by and visit her!

Blog Love: Kitchen Kilometers


I missed doing my Blog Love post last week… But this week, I am back on it.

I am excited to share this blog with you. I have been following it for about a month now, and I found my way to it thanks to the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers group that I am part of. This blog is written by Steph and she has a lot of excitement on her blog right now. She is a runner and has completed several 5Ks AND triathlons. She rocks! I have not met her in person yet, but I hope to soon!

Without making you wait anymore, this week’s Blog Love goes out to… Kitchen Kilometers

If you are a new runner, or have a desire to start running, she can help you. She also has a long list of recipes on her blog. In other words, her blog is chock full of inspiration!! So, head on over and visit Steph. I know you’ll love her blog too!

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