Friends, lights, and more at Electrodash 5K!


It’s not often that there is a nighttime run. I’ve only done 2 the past couple of years, but they are a lot of fun. Add in glow sticks, fun lights, and running friends, and it makes for a fun night! I was excited to run the Electrodash 5K with hubby this past Friday night at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

After fighting traffic from Clearwater to Tampa at rush hour, we finally made our way to the fairgrounds well before the start. We parked and made our way to the line to pick up our packets since we did not do so the night before. There was a delay getting in, but the weather was nice and cool, and it was fun chit chatting with others in line.

When we finally entered, we made our way to packet pick-up for our race bibs, shirts, and fun glow sticks including glasses. After we checked in, we walked around and I kept my eyes open for several friends (go Tampa Bay Bloggers!) who I knew were running this event. Caitlyn actually spotted me first. Since it’s now become habit to take pictures of us whenever we see each other at a race, we took another selfie. It’s what we do….




Our friend Xiomara found us, too. I was happy to see her, it had been quite awhile. We would also end up running together so we had time to catch up. Always fun to chit chat while running! Is it just me or do we look like Scuba Steve with these glassed on? Too fun!

IMG_6309    IMG_6312



The event was to start in waves, but it seems like everyone started at one. It was dark, all the cool lights were on, and we were off!




We made our way through several zones of lights and music. As with most races, it’s a little congested at first but then it spreads out. They handed out water around the mile mark.




I was very proud of hubby as he ran most of it! He is not in love with running the way that I am, but he wants to do it, and he did just that. He was ahead of me most of this one!

IMG_6328    IMG_6327

IMG_6330    IMG_6334

IMG_6335     IMG_6340

IMG_6343    IMG_6344

IMG_6346    IMG_6349


Before we knew it, we found ourselves back at the start line. They handed out water and granola bars. Everyone was heading back towards the stage for music and dancing at they finished…

One thing I really loved about this event was seeing all the kids that were there. They were having so much fun with the glow sticks and running at night.

Two things I wish… I know it was night time, so it was dark, and there were glow lights and effects along the way, but I felt like I was going to fall because I literally could not see the ground in front of me. I ran carefully the entire time to make sure that I didn’t trip on anything or step in a hole (like hubby did!). The only other thing is, I wish they would have given out a medal because I love medals!




All in all a fun night. My time was around 34 minutes, which is great for a fun event like this. And it was fun participating with hubby and seeing my running friends.

Electrodash is in many cities across the US this year. Be sure to visit their website and see if they’re near you!


Have you participated in Electrodash, in Tampa or elsewhere? What was your favorite part?


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary entry to the Electrodash 5K in exchange for my honest review. The opinions shared are my own.

Who wants to be an Iron Girl?


Guess who’s going to be an Iron Girl again this year? This girl! Last year was my first Iron Girl event, I did the half marathon and really enjoyed it. My friend Corinna ran it with me. I am a big fan of the Iron Girl event here in Clearwater – it’s pretty much in my backyard, and the course is the same route I love to run on Sundays, with those bridges that I love.


sun am 100613 panoramic


iron girl 2013 me corinna


When I was making my list of must-do races for 2014, I knew I had to include Iron Girl, without a doubt. I’ve already registered for the half marathon and I have a discount code to share with you! But first….


2014 Iron Girl Clearwater Banner


Iron Girl is all about empowerment and being fit, healthy, and to celebrate the joy of living well. I love that! And this event will absolutely make you feel strong and empowered.

Iron Girl will be in Clearwater on Sunday April 13, 2014 with a 5K Run / Walk (and the option to do a 5K Mother/Daughter team) and Half Marathon. The race starts at Coachman Park and over the Memorial Causeway, for both the 5K and half marathon distance. It’s a beautiful route, one that always makes me feel very luck to live in a such a beautiful area.


2014 Clearwater Course Map


Your registration for Iron Girl includes a post-race Breakfast Café, event specific performance shirts sized for women, professional timing, personalized race bibs, new custom finisher medals specific to the event, Iron Girl jewelry age group awards, post-race giveaways and much more.


IG 2013 medal


Who wants to be an Iron Girl with me? Whether it’s your first time or third time, it’s always fun to be an Iron Girl. If you use my discount code CRAZYLIFE, you can save 10% off any registration category! Visit Iron Girl for more information and to register.


Let me know if you will be joining me at Iron Girl in Clearwater or if you’ll be participating in another city!

{Giveaway} ElectroDash 5K in Tampa


I love a good race where I can be super competitive with myself. BUT! It’s also fun to do an event that is more about the fun and not the time. ElectroDash5K is just that! Just check out these pictures…



ed light-columns-gallery


Photos and video courtesy of electrodash5k.com

ed gallery-photo-15

This is a night run with neon lights, electronic music, dazzling light displays, and a whole lot of FUN! It’s like a 5K dance party! A great time, right?!

This is how it works…. Show up to run wearing whatever looks best in the black light. You’ll be greeted at the start line with enough neon lights, glow sticks, and Electronic Dance Music to make your heart beat faster, your fists pump harder, and all your jokes just a little bit funnier. From there, every corner of the run is another party. You’ll run, walk, or dance 3.1 miles through stations of insane light shows, photobooths, neon madness, and electro lasers right up until the finish: the biggest party of all. So bring your camera and put your party hat on; it’s time to rage.




Here are all the important details….

When:   Friday March 21, 2014 at 8:00pm

Where:  Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL

What you get:  

  • An official ElectroDash T-shirt
  • One pair of neon glow glasses
  • An ElectroDash glow-in-the-dark tattoo
  • An LED bracelet
  • And the best time of your life

Registration:  $45 until 01/31/14






For those who are ready to register (hurry up!), I have a discount code for you! You can use the code CRAZYLIFE15 and save 15% on registration. Don’t forget, the registration fee of $45 is good until 01/31/14, so you want to register NOW to save 15% off that lowest price!

I also have a chance for TWO people to to win ONE FREE entry to the Tampa event! You have several ways to win your entry!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I’ll be there… Will you?

p.s. Stay tuned for another post soon on another fun Tampa even coming up – Color Me Rad 5K! I’ll have a discount code and giveaway for that one as well!

Currently | January Edition


I saw a couple of Currently posts pop up on my feed in the last couple of days and realized it is time for me to do mine!



Current book:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I’ve had this on my to-read list for awhile and everyone I know who has read it has liked it. I will admit that I bumped it up to read sooner than later after seeing news about Ben Affleck playing the lead in the upcoming movie. Yes, I like Ben Affleck, so I wanted to make sure I read the book before I see the movie. I am loving this book. I want to stay home all day and just read.


gone girl cover


Current music:

By now, you have probably figured out that I love all kinds of music…. Any Rascal Flatts fans out there? Their new single “Rewind” is being played on radio now and will be available on iTunes next week. I’ve seen them in concert twice and they put on a great show. One concert was a VIP event at the Hard Rock in Tampa who hubby managed to get me tickets fro despite the fact that he was out of town for work at the time. I took my sister for the early morning event and in what may be the coolest photo bomb I’ve ever taken part in, Joe Don stuck his tongue out at the camera as I had my picture taken with my sister. Isn’t that awesome? Here’s a preview of their new song AND the awesome photo from 2006. You’re welcome.



rascal flatts photo bomb edit




Current guilty pleasure:

I will call this a guilty pleasure I am dreaming of…. I have had my Garmin Forerunner 110 for a couple years now and I love it. But the pretty new screen of the new Garmin Forerunner keeps enticing me. Isn’t it awesome? Definitely a guilty pleasure I’d love to get my hands on.


Garmin 620



Current drink:

This might be the most boring answer ever to this question. Yet again, it’s water. Good old H20. Ice cold. Sometimes with lemon, mostly without. It’s what I drink most, which is always evident by the 30 half empty water bottles I have in my car at any given time.



Current food:

Since I am currently in love with WW Simple Start, I am all about the power foods. Fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins, whole wheat pasta, and more. I have been making minestrone and chili like it’s going out of style. Thankfully, it’s been cool enough to enjoy it.



Current show:

Big Bang Theory. I will never get tired of this show. I love every single character on there and the dynamic among all of them. We don’t always watch the news ones when they air, but we DVR them, and we are forever watching reruns.


bbt cast


Current wish list:

As I get closer and closer to my goal, and my body seems to be changing still (I like to call it rearranging), I am finding it exciting to shop for clothes. While this may sound wonderful, it can be a problem because I want to buy ALL the clothes. Jeans, tops, and more. Any of them and all of them. My checkbook or credit do not allow for this, though, so I have to pace myself and treat myself a little here and there.



Current triumphs:

Just yesterday I ran a sub-30 5K on my morning run. I finished in 29:53! I have been dying to do this. I got as close as 30:56 when I ran the Santa’s Twilight 5K back in December and it just made me want it that much more. Yesterday morning the running gods were smiling down on me…. It was a crisp 46 degrees (with a feels like of 42), breezy, and low humidity. Perfect for running. My legs felt great, and I knew I was running fast. My splits are crazy… For the first time ever, I ran a mile in under 9 minutes. It felt pretty amazing.





Current links:

BAMR Bands – I love these headbands. They stay in place when I run and work out, they don’t give me a headache, and they are super cute. I just bought a Valentine one and can’t wait to get it.

Space Coast Marathon – I frequent this site often because I am dying to register for it. The minute registration opens next month you can bet I’ll sign up for my first full marathon. At the moment I am more excited than terrified, which is a good thing.

Hal Higdon – Another site I am on quite often recently as I look over marathon training plans. I used a Hal Higdon plan for my last half marathon, adapted it for my schedule, and it worked out great. I just want to make sure I pick the best plan for since it will be a long stretch of training with some hefty miles. I need it to be doable for ME.


Current needs:

I have 6 races coming up in the next 4 months. I need a new sports bra and a new running top. Pronto. I am planning a trip to Sports Authority this weekend for the top and to check out Champion brand sports bras after after my friend Chrissy has been raving about them. She swears by them and says her girls are happy. I need that.



Current indulgence:

Races. I have a couple to register for still that are coming up, so that will definitely be my indulgence for this month.



Current outfit:

Lord help me. I recently bought a couple pairs of jeans. Both are skinny jeans and one pair are even Levis. I’ve never fit into either before, at least not comfortably. It brings to mind when I was little and I so badly wanted a pair of Jordache jeans and they just didn’t fit me right so I never wore them. Until recently, I never would have tried on a pair of skinny jeans until I went shopping with my fabulous sister-in-law Jenna one day and in my quest to find super cool boots she said I needed to skinny jeans to go with them. Despite my thinking she was nuts, I tried on a pair and was so excited that they actually fit! And they look good! So, I am happy to be wearing skinny jeans.



Current excitement:

I cannot wait to run my next half marathon on Feb. 1, the day before my birthday. Best Damn Race in Safety Harbor, my seventh half marathon, the day before I turn 42. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate, right? **Don’t forget to use my discount code NANCIC if you register to save $5! This works for both Safety Harbor and Orlando races.



Current mood:

Dare I say hopeful? I feel like there are some good opportunities in the works and I look forward to them all. Stay tuned!

{Giveaway} Special Ops Spartan Race Tampa


Do you like to get muddy? Do you like obstacle courses? Do you like to do both together? Well, I have the perfect event for you! Prove that you are Spartan tough!




On February 15, Special Ops Spartan Race Tampa will be at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The 5K run is comprised of mud runs, obstacles, trail racing, physical challenges and mental challenges. This Special Ops Spartan Sprint will be a mix of mud and gnarly outdoor obstacles combined with the challenge of the signature Spartan stadium obstacles all with maneuvers and strategy created by Special Ops Forces. Each finisher will receive a unique Special Ops Spartan Sprint Medal with bragging rights of accomplishing the most unique Spartan event.





Do you want to see what’s in store for your when you sign up for a Spartan event? Check this out….



My husband is going to tackle this race and I am super proud of him! I will be out there to cheer him on, and of course take pictures of him as he finishes this insane, muddy course at Raymond James Stadium.

Of course if you aren’t local to Tampa, there are many other events across the country. Follow this link to see just how many events there are, they also break them down by levels:

  • Entry level Spartan Sprint
  • Intermediate level Super Spartan
  • Advanced Spartan Beast
  • And the ‘99.9% need not apply’ extreme level Death Race


Curious to know what you get when you participate in a Spartan event?

  • Spartan Race T-Shirt
  • Spartan Race Finisher Medal
  • One free beer (must be 21 or older) for select USA events only
  • Food Vendors
  • Music/MC
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Top 3 Male/Female finishers receive free entry into a Super Spartan of their choice
  • Completion earns you Spartan Agility certification (Black Level)


My cousin Mallory and her husband Sean recently did a Spartan event in December out in California. As you can see from their pictures, they had a great time! They are doing the Beast and Sprint coming this month as well. I have such cool relatives….

sean spartan race    sean mallory spartan race


Now for the good stuff…. If you would like to register for an event, you can save15% by following this link HERE.


Would you like a chance to win a FREE entry? You have several ways to enter!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


**Disclaimer: I was provided with a free entry to giveaway, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Please share this post with anyone you think may be interested!

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