Our 12 week challenge at Gold’s Gym has ended, including the three bootcamp sessions a week. I went from someone who had never done a bootcamp workout prior to this challenge to someone who looked forward to bootcamp days every week and whatever challenge Greg or Ila had in store for us.

With the end of bootcamp upon us, we knew we had to decide what to do next to keep up all the hard work we put into the 12 week challenge. Bootcamp meant accountability, support, hard work, pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones, and really just a fun time. Turns out, we didn’t want that to end. We are seeing major results and both have goals.


My rock…


Fortunately, we aren’t missing a beat and jumped right into the Tuesday / Thursday night bootcamp this week. This group is a little more advanced than the other one, but we love a challenge and the motivation to keep getting better. This also means our trainer Greg is stuck with us for who knows how long.
From kettle bells to the sled, bosu push-ups to Russian twists, plank climbers to weighted squats, I love every minute of it, no matter how much it hurts or how bad I feel it the next day. My body is capable of way more than I have ever given it credit for. Finally, I can focus on what it CAN do rather than what it CANNOT do.

I’m working hard to hit the 160’s and I’m just 4.5 pounds away from that. Stay tuned!


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