The New Year is here and if you are like most (including me), you have to-do lists for many aspects of your life. One of the lists that I am making priority as we dive right into 2017 is some much-needed updates to my blog.


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It’s a little like housekeeping where if you keep up on these tasks on a regular basis, it’s easier in the long run. Small tasks over time can go a long way to keep your space on the interwebs running smoothly and up to date.






Make Sure All Side Bar Links Work

Check – and double check – to make sure all the photo, links, widgets, and more in your sidebar. This is especially important if you are linking to companies you represent or are ambassadors for.



Social Media Buttons

You put valuable time and effort into building your brand, make sure that your readers know where to find you and have the ability to share your blog and posts with others. The easier is it for people to share, the more likely they will be to do so.



Share Who You Are

I love to know who is behind a blog, especially one that I read often. Your “About Me” page can be one of the most important pages on your blog. As your life changes over time, so does your blog. Take time to keep it current. You never know who – or what company – may want to learn more about you.


Update Links In Post

It’s a good idea to go through posts and make sure links still work especially if you are trying to drive traffic old posts or companies you may be working with. There are plug-ins that can notify you of links that no longer work. One that I have used in WordPress is called Broken Link Checker. It takes just a few minutes to set up. Initially, it will take time to run through your posts, but once that is done it will verify new ones from there on out.



Update Blog Posts

A common theme in blogging is how everything changes. This holds true posts that are informational in nature. It’s okay – and suggested – that you go back and add more information to blog posts or change them. Keeping blog posts current and timely is a great way to continue to get hits.


Re-Purpose Posts

Just like updating posts is a great idea, so is re-purposing posts. You’d be surprised how many bloggers re-use information they have already shared and make it new again. You never have to struggle to find new content if you remember that you can easily re-use something you’ve already shared.


Your Disclaimer / Fine Print / Policies Page

As your blog grows, so may your policies on how you handle reviews, sponsored posts, and more. In the beginning, we all tend to take anything that is thrown our way to get our name and brand out there. As our time becomes more valuable, it’s important to pick and choose who you want to work with and your policy on how and when you may share. Be up front in in your fine print page and make sure it is current.


To Re-Brand or Not?

I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years now and have gone through a new branding changes. I have the itch to do it again because I love to keep my look current and viable. Re-branding can be time consuming and difficult because it can be hard to get YOUR look exactly the way YOU want it. My opinion is to wait to re-brand once you can do the majority of it at one time. You want all your social media platforms to match and be consistent.


What is on your list to update on your blog this year?


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3 Comments on Blog Updates For The New Year

  1. This is such a great list! I pinned it!

    I really need to go back to my old posts and update the photos, which are not displaying properly. It’s so annoying. I also need to update some of the recipe photos with better images. Ugh. So much to do and little time to blog! lol

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