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Best Body Bootcamp – Week 1 Recap


I’m skipping my Sunday in the kitchen post today to recap my first week of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. It was a great week as far as my motivation, activity level, and accountability.

The bootcamp, 8 weeks long, is broken down into phases. The first phase (weeks 1 and 2), focused on Upper/Lower/Full Body split. We were supposed to do three strength training workouts for the first week and 4 days of cardio (technically three since we had one rest day and one optional cardio day.) As the week ends today, I did 6 days of cardio and 5 days of exercises.


I had strengths and weaknesses this first week. My strengths were:

  • Knowledge of most strength training exercises
  • Desire to try any exercise at least once, even if I was not familiar with it
  • Desire to be accountable to myself and be able to check-off the box each day
  • Setting 2 personal goals for myself to keep up during the week – my goals were to a) drink 64 oz. of water daily and b) plan my meals


My weaknesses were:

  • Fear of doing the new-to-me exercises incorrectly and second-guessing myself on how I was doing them
  • Trying to push myself too hard on the exercises I was already familiar with
  • I had a hard time meeting one of my personal goals for the week (specifically planning my meals on days that I was on the road a lot)
  • Core was the hardest of the exercises – upper body would be my favorite, followed by lower body, and core… I know my strengths.


As someone who runs and walks often, it is very easy for me to get in a rut and do the same thing over and over again. We have to remember that our bodies become used to doing the same thing – we need to keep our bodies guessing. If I had to pick one thing I liked most about the first week of bootcamp, it would be the Interval training. I could definitely feel a difference in my heart rate and how I felt when I was done. The HIIT training that I did on the first day was HARD. it was a real wake-up call to the conditioning that my body clearly needs, despite my current activity level. I welcome the challenge.

I also LOVE doing planks. I am able to do a 60-second plank, which I think for someone who has not done a plank in years, is great. I feel very strong while doing them and I look forward to being able to do them longer as we progress through the bootcamp.

I really like that this bootcamp does not focus on weight loss and the numbers on the scale. It is a balance between being active, being healthy, and focusing on the personal goals we set for ourselves (which we can change weekly if we so desire). I also like the flexibility of it and how modifications are given. This came in handy on a few exercises.

I made note of my measurements earlier this week. It is my intention to redo them at the start of Week 4, halfway through, and then again at the end of Week 8. I have a whole other post regarding weight, which I will address separately.

One other thing I’d like to say about the bootcamp is that the access to the Facebook group and everyone participating is WONDERFUL. The support really helps, knowing there are 400+ people out there doing the same thing and can answer questions if needed. And Tina herself is fabulous as well – she replies to email questions as soon as possible and is ready and willing to help however she can.  If you’d like to read more about bootcamp, visit Tina’s site here:

I am so glad I signed up for Best Body Bootcamp 2 and I am ready to start Week 2. BRING IT ON!



  1. Congratulations on your new address! I love it.

    Great job with week one of boot camp. It sounds like you know how to keep things interesting and understanding yourself! 😀

    1. thiscrazylifeofmine

      Thank you Grace! I really am enjoying it, it’s keeping me moving and doing things I haven’t done in forever!

  2. Damn you are doing a great job, you are amazing

    1. thiscrazylifeofmine

      Thanks! It’s not often that I’m called amazing. :)

  3. Love hearing your full recap of the week! That’s awesome to do a 60 sec plank even without having done planks themselves in so long.

    1. thiscrazylifeofmine

      It was a great first week, Tina. Thank you so much for all the great information and support you provide!

  4. Congrats on your own domain name!!! Love it! I love planks too, I bet you could do even longer than 60 seconds :) I know you’re strong!

    1. thiscrazylifeofmine

      Thanks Diana! I hope to pass up the 60-second mark on planks this week. So glad you stopped by!

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