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Beautiful Blogger Award

So I was browsing some of the blogs I like to read today and just happened to see that I am one of seven nominees for a Beautiful Blogger Award. I love that! Thank you to Jina over at Behold The Turtle.




Here are the rules:
Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and post it in your post.
Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Tell all of us seven things about yourself.
Nominate seven other bloggers and comment on their page to let them know.


Here are seven things about myself:

1. I love all things Marilyn Monroe, ever since I was little. I think she was so beautiful and there has never been another actress to fill her shoes.

2. I like all kinds of music. My iPod is so random, it’s amusing. I like country, rock, 80’s, classic rock, classical, big band, show tunes, movie soundtracks, and more.

3. There is a science book with my picture in it., when I was little. Not because I am a freak of nature or anything, but because my uncle had something to do with the publishing of it.

4. Hubby and I met at a bowling alley. Hehe…. He refers to it as the scene of the crime.

5. I have lived in 4 states, each one twice. California, Maryland, Texas, and Florida.

6. I have been known to make cookie dough not to bake cookies, but just to eat the cookie dough. Don’t judge. It’s so yummy and momentarily makes me feel better. I haven’t done it in forever, and nowadays it’s super convenient to buy the break and bake packs. Which is why I DON’T buy them. I have no willpower when it comes to that.

7. I am currently obsessed with avocados. I cut it in half, remove the pit and just eat it with a spoon. They are so yummy and fresh. I will be sad when they go away for the year.


And now, here are my seven nominees:

Grace Got Healthy

Kitchen KM

Runners Tales

Whit Likes Fit

Rebecca Roams

Journal of a Future Thin Gal

Work It Ms. Jackson

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  1. […] 5. KitchenKM was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger award! Thank you Nanci! […]

  2. Well, I just came to your blog to let you know I tagged you. :c)

    Cool that you were a book model! I was on the cover of a magazine when I was an intern at a publication.

    1. Nanci

      That’s cool! Thanks again for the award. :)

  3. I have been known to buy the bake and break cookie packs just to eat the raw dough. There is no judgement here!

    1. Nanci

      Yea, it’s so darn evil. And good. But mostly evil. :)

  4. Such cool facts! I will be making mine soon and putting it up! Thank you for tagging me!

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