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Another birthday in heaven…


happy birthday daddy crystal bch pic



Today, my dad would be 80 years old. This is almost hard to fathom. He was 77 when he passed, and his last year was probably the slowest and worn down I had ever seen him in my whole life. Growing up, I never thought my dad looked his age. He had a youthful appearance that I attribute to being so active and always on the go, despite that wheelchair he sat in for 55 years.

My dad was fiercely loyal and faithful. He had a silly side. He was very set in his ways and felt strongly in the things he believed in. He was the epitome of a family man and wanted nothing more than to be with his family. He was always determined to take care of us and would do everything in his power to do just that. He was strong, had an amazingly big heart, and would cry at sad movies. He was my hero.

This is the third birthday of his that we have celebrated without him. And like every other day, I will think about him, and miss him, and wish that he were still here.

He is still very much a part of our lives. We talk about him often and I am convinced that I have turned into him with his little quirks, such as constant note-taking and list-making at work. I used to tease for making notes to read his notes and when he would re-write all his notes. I do the same thing now and it makes me smile every time.

We go to Crystal Beach every single month on the 4th, and will be there tonight (please don’t rain!). It’s slightly ironic that he passed away on the 4th of December and his birthday is on the 4th. Every single month my mom and I go up there for sunset. We’ve only been rained out once. It gets more and more beautiful every month and it’s very comforting to be there, knowing how much he enjoyed it.

So today, on your 80th birthday, Daddy, I hope you have one heck of get-together up in heaven with our other loved ones. You are in good company up there. We will be thinking about you. I hope you know how much we all still miss you.

Happy birthday, Daddy…. I love you very much.



It’s impossible to pick just one photo of my dad to share today, so I picked a handful…


joe cowboy


joe bike


joe dj edit    daddyarmy


20752_1204107435593_1615851071_499441_5856952_n    momdadfair


joe pizza 1


joe pizza orders


Scan 2   






family photo 2007


daddy restaurant review photo




  1. Happy Birthday, Poppops. We should all go to the Pig tonight to celebrate.

    1. The Pig it is! Great idea.

  2. Your dad looks really happy in all of your pics! Love that you got a picture of him note-taking.
    Lisa recently posted…Stupid Calories. And an ArmadilloMy Profile

  3. This made me cry………………………….and send my dad a text telling him that I loved him
    joannerambling recently posted…I am oh so tired today think it is time for a napMy Profile

  4. I love the pictures! Your dad was so handsome. Hope you found comfort in writing this and looking through the photos. xoxo
    Steph recently posted…Happy Easter!My Profile

  5. Hej,Jag rekommenderar….vill rekommendera sÃ¥ mycket för jag älskar Weledas produkter (kroppsoljorna är underbara och doftar sÃ¥ himmelskt gott, handkrämen suverän och gÃ¥r snabbt in i huden) men ska jag välja sÃ¥ nämner jag ALMOND SOOTHING FACIAL CREAM som är perfekt för min känsliga hud. Känns lyxigt att produkterna är sÃ¥ bra men ändÃ¥ till ett vettigt pris. Annika

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