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An Italian fiesta!

Yesterday we celebrated my brother Nick’s 31st birthday at their house. As always, Nick and Jenna had a great dinner for all of us, and it was a nice afternoon. What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon than great family, Scrabble, silliness, a hedgehog named Freddie, cute kiddos, ice cold beer, and delicious Italian food? Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Would you believe I forgot to take pictures of dinner? Bad blogger!! We had salad, lasagna, and garlic bread. I was in carb overload and enjoyed every bite of it! And there was birthday cake. Yum!

Our day in pictures….


IMG_6736   IMG_6739   IMG_6747

IMG_6737    IMG_6749

IMG_6743    IMG_6765

IMG_6753    IMG_6774

IMG_6777    IMG_6776

IMG_6771    IMG_6780

IMG_6787    IMG_6788    IMG_6790

IMG_6796    IMG_6815

IMG_6810    IMG_6809   IMG_6825      

IMG_6832    IMG_6834   IMG_6845

 IMG_6849    IMG_6814    IMG_6822   


IMG_6836    IMG_6841

IMG_6850    IMG_6857

IMG_6868    IMG_6882

IMG_6892    IMG_6899


Happy birthday Nick! We enjoyed celebrating with you!


  1. I’ve been telling hubby that I want a hedgehog now I blame you 😉

  2. Jen

    How cute is that hedgehog?? Glad you all had a great celebrating your brother!

  3. The hedgehog is adorable. Was that a birthday gift?

  4. Oh my goodness that hedgehog is the cutest thing ever! I know someone who got one as a pet once and said they loved it. Must be fun for the kids to play with too!

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