It’s only been in recent months that hubby has expressed interest in joining me for runs. Last Thanksgiving, he joined me for the Turkey Trot and most recently, the Glow Run 5K. He is also signed up for the Rock N’ Roll 5K (Mini Marathon) which I am super proud of him for doing. We have walked together over the years but we’ve never run together. Admittedly, he says that he does not get the rush out of it that I do, and that’s fine. But he’s trying to be healthy, eat better, and lose weight. I am all for supporting him in his efforts and I love when we work together to achieve the same goal.

Yesterday when he called to say he was on his way home from work, he said he wanted to go for a run when he got home. He may as well have told me he was bringing free beer home with him – I was so excited and said “ooh! I’ll go with you!”. And we did just that….

Hubby’s Christmas gift from me was a Nike watch which he is enjoying. It asks him questions….  See? I love my Garmin Forerunner, but it doesn’t ask me questions….




Off we went to the park! I could do the 3.11 mile route with my eyes closed, I know exactly when I will hit Mile 1, Mile 2, and Mile 3. We thought it would be fun to see how close our watches were, starting them at the same time. We walked some and ran some. The weather was so nice. One thing about hubby, he makes me run harder than when I’m alone. He should run with me more often. This picture is a little blurry because it was dark and I used the flash, but you can see how close it was for the finish time and mileage.




I hope that we can make a habit of running together, at least a couple times a week. I like morning runs but it just does not always work for me. If hubby and I can work out together like that more often, I would be very happy.

As we left the park, it was already getting very dark. I am never at the park when it’s dark so I snapped a picture of my favorite trees as we left. Spooky, huh? I would definitely freak out of I was there by myself.




When we got home, I made a delicious dinner. Baked chicken (drizzled with olive oil and basil), and baked potatoes. I skipped the butter and instead had sautéed mushrooms and garlic. It definitely hit the spot!




Do you run with your spouse or partner? Do you prefer it to running alone?

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  1. Hubby and i have been walking together. I’m usually good about going by myself but he seems to need the motivation for me to go with him! 🙂

  2. That is great that your hubs is getting into the swing of things with running! I look forward to seeing his results for RnR! I really do believe that couples that workout and stay healthy together are meant to make the long haul 😉

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