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About to get MUDDY!

So, the Pretty Muddy Mud Run is this Saturday. There will be mud, obstacles, a 5K course that we can run or walk, lots of women, and oh yeah, did I mention mud?


pretty muddy web


I will admit I have some nerves going into my first mud run. I don’t know what to expect, really, other than it’s all women, the obstacles are cooler than those in mud runs geared towards men, and there is special mud. Oh yes, this mud will be special – nice and smooth for us girls!


Hopefully the folks at Pretty Muddy won’t mind that I used this photo! Looks like things are about to be prepared for the event out at Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City.





This is not a timed race – my kind of race. And obstacles are optional. I am not sure how far I can – or want – to push this body just one week before my half-marathon, so I plan on taking my time and focusing on completing it. If I have to go around an obstacle, I will.

I’m pretty excited about it (pun intended). I have a fabulous t-shirt, I know several wonderful ladies who are doing this event, and hubby is tagging along for support and to take photos.


pretty muddy tshirt



You can follow the event in several places:





If you would like to join in the fun this Saturday, click here to register. I hope you’ll join in all the fun!


Let me know if you are registered!


  1. Good luck, Nanci! Can’t wait to see the muddy pics! :)

  2. Good luck with your run! Super excited for you :)

  3. Wow lady, good luck! Also can’t wait to see the muddy pics. Although I wonder if your Hubby offered to take pics of all those ladies in muddy t-shirts for his own reasons … :)

    1. LOL, you know I wondered the same thing! He’s a good guy, so I’m going with fact that he’s just going to take pics for me. :)

  4. I’m SOOOOO excited! It’s my first mud run too and I’m ready to go as slow as I want!

    B’s coming too to take pics and cheer me on. Maybe the boys will find each other and keep themselves entertained lol

    1. We are lucky to have boys that will follow along with us! I think slow is the new fast for this one. Takin’ my time…. Hope to see you out there!

  5. I’m nervous too! This will be my first race and my first mud run. I don’t know what to expect. And yep just like you I’ll go around the obstacle course if I don’t feel I can ace them. I’m another health/fitness blogger in Tampa so hopefully I’ll meet you on Friday if you are going to be there. :)

    1. Hi Nicole! No pushing myself here. I am not to proud to go around an obstacle I can’t do! So fun to hear from another Tampa blogger. If I don’t get to meet you out there, have a great time!!

  6. It’s going to be awesome! No worries for you first timers out there, this is a fun easy run!!

    1. Yay! Thanks for all your input and help throughout this, Courtney!

  7. This looks like so much fun!!!! I can’t wait until I can do something like this. I have seen friends post pics online before, so I can wait to hear all about your experience!

    1. I am super excitd about it! And the weather is perfect right now, might even be a little chilly. Does mud get cold? lol

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