December always seems to be very busy for us and this year has been even more so. Just last week, I enjoyed a winter concert, a play, and a holiday stroll. Family fun always makes me happy.

First up was the Winter Concert for my niece’s school. There is nothing like elementary kiddos all dressed up and singing. It was very sweet. My niece was such a little beauty in her holiday dress. It was another reminder of how much I love the holidays.






Pretty girl smiling for us….



The next evening was my niece’s play for R Club.The drama teacher Mr. Mark, did a fabulous of job of writing the play and directing it. He even played a part in it. The play was so creative, it was called Fairytale Courtroom. Mr. BB Wolf (the Big Bad Wolf) was suing Mr. Curly Pig (of the Three Pigs) and vice versa. All the land of fairytale was in attendance as witnesses as to what happened. Judge Mother Goose presided over the courtroom. Just to name a few witnesses, there was the Three Blind Mice, Humpty Dumpty, Prince Charming, Snow White, Rapunzel, Little Jack Horner, and more. All of the kids did a good job with their lines and their acting. My niece played Jill, of Jack and Jill. I know I’m totally biased, but she stole the show in her role with the little boy who played Jack. I am certain we have a little actress in the family. Proud aunt that I am, I have the video for you all to enjoy. From her plaid dress to the way she talked and acted, she nailed it.  










Saturday night, hubby and I went to Largo Central Park for the their Holiday Stroll. My brother Nick and his family joined us. It was such a fun night of Christmas lights, kettle corn, hot chocolate, snow slide, and a snowball fight. As it typical for us when we all get together and have fun, there were silly selfies with Jenna and Autumn. Mother Nature cooperated wonderfully and gave us one day of winter so the cool night made it even more festive. And, it gave me the chance to wear my dad’s scarf which I treasure. 























Family time always warms my heart and I treasure these memories we are constantly making. Time seems to pass so quickly these days, so I am thankful for every memory we all make.


What activities have you done so far this holiday season?


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  1. I have been to my fair share of children’s concerts and such but sometimes I wonder why they have to been at night in winter when it is cold and wet and I don’t want to go out although today it is cold and wet after a string of stinking hot days

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