Yesterday was a stellar day. It started out with the super early Weight Watchers meeting, 6:45am to be exact. I’m up anyway, so I like going early. I was so excited to go because it was with Beverly, the leader who’s meeting was the very first one I went to back in 2006 and she saw me through losing weight and making lifetime. She wasn’t there last Saturday, so I had to wait till today. It was so good to see her and she has not changed a bit. She has the most amazing energy I have ever known in someone.

And as exciting as seeing Beverly? Seeing the scale go down again for the second week in a row! Another 2.6 pounds gone – hopefully never to be seen again. I really stayed on point this week, eating fruits and veggies with each meal and snack.

I’m so happy with my progress and the willpower I have found. I truly believe you have to be in the right mindset to lose weight. If you are not prepared to give it your all and fight for results, than you are only fooling yourself. I am giving it my all, and it is paying off. Here are my stats, which I will post weekly, whether a loss or gain, as another way to keep me accountable.

WW Weekly weigh-in


After my meeting, a yummy breakfast at Village Inn, some errands, putting the Christmas tree away, cleaning, and then dinner (holy busy day!), it was time to head to downtown St. Petersburg for my first 5K of the year. And bonus, hubby was doing this one with me! I was pretty excited to get ready to go, especially since this was my first night race.


We knew from all the people we saw that it was going to be a busy race. Everyone was dressed in different degrees of bright fluorescent neon color and more. There were wigs and costumes and tutus. It was going to be a fun time!


We put our glow necklaces and glasses on. My glasses were weird, the arms were too short so they kept falling down my face. But we got the obligatory pictures with them on.

IMG_5112    IMG_5116



I have to say that downtown St. Pete has become one of my favorite places over the last year. The waterfront is beautiful with a nice breeze. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of it last night. But I did get this wonderful shot of the sunset.



Once the sun went down and everyone started glowing, the crowd was all pumped up and ready to go for the 6:30 start time. We met up with Steph from Kitchen Kilometers and her love. I have to laugh at the picture of us… Look at my glow stick glasses. They were just not made for me to wear. I look like Scuba Steve, right?




The darker it got before the race started, the more fun it was to take photos of our glowing selves. How can you not have fun with glow sticks? I highly recommend a race with glow sticks. We even saw a guy dressed as Hulk Hogan and he sounded like him.


IMG_5122       IMG_5124

IMG_5126       IMG_5158



And then we were off! Even though this was not a timed race, I had my Garmin on me just to see how I did. We walked and ran. The run through downtown St. Pete was pretty cool. Everyone was having such a fun time and it was cool to see the blur of glow sticks as people ran by. I tried to get a picture when we were close to the turnaround and it came out blurry, but you get the idea.




We crossed the finish line at 44:16 and were given our medals. At this point, the crowd was CRAZY. There was music playing and everyone was glowing. We guzzled out water down and took some more pictures because you can never have too many pictures of yourself with glow sticks on.




IMG_5153    IMG_5156

IMG_5157    IMG_5155


All in all, it was a fun night. I would definitely do another night race. Hubby had a great time too and did a great job. I was running to keep up with him! First race of 2013 is in the books!  #10in2013


Have you ever done a night race? Are you doing the Glow Run 5K in a city near you this year?

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  1. Looks like so much fun. Love all the glow sticks. Bet it was a lot nicer to race at night than with the sun blasting down! Congrats on your first race of 2013!!!

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