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A must-read for dog lovers…

I recently read A Good Dog: The Story of Orson, Who Changed My Life by Jon Katz. Like most books about a dog, it touched my heart and had me snuggling with my two Aussies as I read it. But this one was different. Jon Katz had a very strong desire to help Orson who had touched his life deeply. He brought Orson into his home, a troubled dog who needed a lot of attention and guidance. The love between man and dog in this book is immense and will pull at your heartstrings when you read about the choice he must make for Orson. all the while teaching him lessons of his own.

If you haveĀ dogs, have ever had a “challenging” dog, or are just a dog lover, I highly recommend you read this book. This is the first of Jon Katz books that I have read and I already have a stack of others to read. Stay tuned for more reviews!

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