What a nice holiday it was! Hubby has been off work since December 18 and I vowed to take off as much time as I could as well. Being self-employed it’s not as easy, but it’s something I am working on. Since Christmas and New Years both fell during the week, it made it much easier to take time off since everyone else was as well. 

Hubby and I started our holiday off by playing hooky on the Friday before Christmas and going to Universal Studios for the day, just the two of us. Then there was running and Christmas and New Years. A lot of quality time with hubby and our families over the two weeks. I also had a lunch and movies date with my friend Angelina who finally had some time off after her crazy busy holiday season working retail. We saw the movie Wild after both reading the book and loving it.

As you can tell from all these fun photos, it has been a great holiday break.

 10881630_10204567456897964_84552347886942359_n       10846202_10204567453177871_7073183594787616136_n


 10847973_10204567449337775_8775384243243662622_n   10647081_10204567451297824_1109915471082858084_n


IMG_2866      10857815_10204567448617757_7248972881757730542_n

10606123_10204567430497304_857184532537232317_n        10410838_10204567437217472_1351184170312591724_n


 10356276_10204567431497329_3058430281636854337_n      IMG_2929

IMG_2924       IMG_2864

10888646_10204602600896542_6992826914193405409_n      10882218_10204605839497505_6115923356205665359_n


1962632_10204601524469632_1117911940785339381_n      63750_10204608666608181_5401607994355481743_n

10405398_10204604810151772_8983325055776370565_n            10384520_10204604858112971_6798213090974795288_n

10351408_10204608350440277_888241910636123019_n        10676371_10204609720274522_1513680477576086234_n


10885310_10204663575180861_5053850496113224223_n      1618636_10204659356635400_5141286295796278348_n



It is going to be really hard to go back to work on Monday knowing we have a full 5-day week looking ahead of us. I have really enjoyed the holidays and I am sad to see them go. 

What was your favorite part of the holidays? 

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