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700 Miles in 2014

2014 was definitely the year of running for me. I ran a lot of races and the second I signed up for Space Coast Marathon, I knew that I would have my highest mileage for the year just from training alone. I didn’t set a mileage goal until it got to be November and I realized 700 miles was a possibility. I also like round, even numbers. 700 miles? Done.

The best part? Every one of these miles meant something. Each mile taught me how strong I was before, during, and after training.


don't count the miles


January –  37.14 miles, 1 race

February –  45.65 miles, 3 races

March –  29.31 miles, 3 races

April –  16.38 miles, 1 race

May –  38.53 miles 

June – 26.68 miles, 1 race 

July – 49.27 miles

August – 94.44 miles

September – 113.19 miles

October –  132.76 miles, 1 race

November  – 88.63 mles, 2 races

December  –  28.2 miles, 2 races





I am very pleased with my running in 2014! What is my running goal for 2015? Well, I am not setting one. I won’t be training for a marathon again this year, so I won’t have crazy high mileage from that. I will be running several half marathons and an 8K. Other than that, my main running goal for 2015 is to run a sub 30 5K. But I’ll save that for another post…


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If you use DailyMile to log your miles, be sure to add me! You can find my profile here.


How many miles did you run in 2014? Are you setting a goal for 2015?


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  1. Way to go!! The sub 30 5k is certainly in reach! I was thinking after the Sarasota half I would love to train for a 5k PR, but have no idea how to do that!! I think distance running has messed me up! Can’t wait to see what you find :)

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