There are many exercises that are important to do often. But I, personally, think that the plank should be at the top of the list. There are many benefits to planking and why you should do it.
Not only does it work your core, but it engages your entire body. We do them often in bootcamp, in different variations. Hubby and I also do them on our regular workout days. Here are 5 reasons you should plank.

1. Abs! All day long…

Doing a plank, just about any variation of it, engages all of the ab muscles. This means the rectus abdominus as well as the obliques. These work together to give you the appearance of a flatter stomach. They also help with other exercises.

2.  Easy on the back…

This is a huge one for me. Strengthening my core in a way that is easy on my back is a no-brained. With my history of sciatica, there are no sudden movements in my world and I have to be careful. Doing planks doesn’t hurt my back AND it strengthens my core which helps with back issues.

3.  Plank anywhere…

No equipment is needed. All you need is you and the floor. No matter which variation you do, it can be done anywhere. I’ve even done it on a sidewalk after a run. Drop and plank whenever and wherever!

4.  No injuries allowed!

A strong core does wonders for a strong body and is beneficial to so many exercises. Balance and more are affected by the strength of your core. Doing a plank daily can help prevent injuries.

5. Arms, baby!

The plank is mostly about the abs, but your arms will benefit too. Straight-arm or elbow planks will both give you results when done regularly.
And because I want to add in a bonus… Planks just make you feel better. Take 30 seconds, 60 seconds, whatever you can do. Do it daily and you will see results. Change it up often with one of many plank variations to challenge yourself.

What is your favorite plank variation?

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