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Since the weather is getting chillier, that means that most of us will have to endure some kind of sickness over the winter season. As our bodies get colder, our immune system is more vulnerable, meaning that we are at more of a risk for colds or other seasonal diseases. Additionally, spending time with loved ones also means that we will invariably spread germs around which could lead to further illness. Finally, concerning our diet, the holiday season is perfect for adding some extra pounds, even if they are unwanted.


Thus, to keep healthy this winter, you will want to follow these four steps:


Stay Informed

Do you know how cold it will be today? Do you know when the next snowfall is coming? If not, then you will want to keep up with hourly weather forecasts, so you know when you have to bundle up or when a light jacket is okay. The best way to stay informed this winter is to download a local weather app onto your phone, so you are never out of touch.


Stay Hydrated

Even though most of us drink water when we’re hot and sweaty, the fact is that we still lose a lot of water in the cold months, we just aren’t as aware of it. Thus, be sure that you are replenishing your fluids as much as possible. If cold water doesn’t seem appealing, you can get your liquids in the form of hot tea instead.


Keep Warm

It should go without saying that you should always cover up in winter. Don’t push your luck by powering through the cold, as it could lead to severe issues down the road. As mentioned, staying on top of hourly weather forecasts can help you decide what kind of clothes to wear outside. It only takes about an hour or so for frostbite to kick in, so be aware of your surroundings.


Wash Your Hands

Because winter is a time when people get sick, germs are spread much faster than normal. This is also exacerbated by the fact that we spend more time indoors. To avoid catching something, wash your hands often and keep yourself as clean as possible.


How do you stay healthy in the winter?


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