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10 miles!

This morning, my SIL Jenna and I walked a 10 mile training walk for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day For The Cure walk she is doing in October. Given that I haven’t walked in over a week, this was a GREAT way to jumpstart this new week. I am determined to give it my best this week and see how the scale responds on Friday.

But back to our walk…. We started out doing 6 miles. The view is so pretty, overlooking Tampa Bay and beautiful homes along Bayshore Blvd. in Safety Harbor. How is this for a view?

Overlooking Tampa Bay in Safety Harbor

At the 6 mile mark, we had a pit stop. We were welcomed with cold water, fresh fruit, salty snack, and the best part – ice cold towels. I immediately wrapped the towel around my neck, it was heavenly. They had chairs set up in the shade, so we sat for a few minutes to rest our feet. It was a nice break. Here we are enjoying the break.

The ice cold towels were AWESOME!

Soon we were on our way to do the last 4 miles. It went by pretty quickly and we felt very empowered when we hit the 10 mile mark. Our time was 3 hrs. 5 minutes, not bad at all. My foot was bothering me but nothing that held me back. As always, I enjoy Jenna’s company when we’re walking and I am happy to support her in her training. It’s a win-win situation. =)

We had breakfast at a local grill afterwards – boy was I hungry!! It was nice to sit down, in air conditioning, and enjoy a nice meal. One of the ladies we walked with, Debbie, joined us. Great conversation and a feeling of accomplishment made for such a nice morning.

Hot and sweaty and ready for breakfast!

I look forward to the next training walk with Jenna!


  1. Totally agree, Nanci! These walks with you and the team are among the best moments in my life! Let me know when you would like to join me again. As you know, we have the walks every weekend! 😉

  2. That's awesome!! I so wish we lived closer to each other, so I could have a walking buddy. Any teaching jobs in FL?? I might have to move!! LOL

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