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The time that WIN Detergent saved my running clothes… {Giveaway!}

All runners know how stinky running clothes get. There are days, especially in the summer when it is as hot as the face of the sun here in Florida, that I am convinced my running clothes could stand up on their own. It gets pretty bad.  Add a 100-day run streak in to your hot summer and the stink is …

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Top Ten Tuesday – TV Finales

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for some TV talk for Top Ten Tuesday and this week it’s all about TV finales.    Generally, I am a blubbering mess when it comes to TV finales, especially when it’s ending for good, not just for the season. I get so emotionally invested in the TV shows I watch and the characters and the …

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Guest Post – Three Ways To Improve Balance

Today’s post is being shared from my friend Ali’s blog, Ali Goes The Distance. Ali is a runner, blogger, and personal trainer.      Hi, I’m Ali! I’ve been learning A LOT of different things at my internship since starting it three weeks ago! It’s very hands-on and I’m definitely being challenging to think outside the box. That’s the whole …

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Top Ten Tuesday – Motivational Quotes

Happy Tuesday! I love Tuesday’s because it’s the day we do our Top Ten post. And I *love* this week’s theme…. Motivational quotes.     I do my best to be a positive person. I cannot stand negativity. I strongly believe that if you think positive, good things will come. Mind you, I am a huge worrier and I stress …

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